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    Newsletter Term 4 Week 8 (2023)
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    Newsletter Term 4 Week 6 (2023)
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    Newsletter Term 4 Week 4 (2023)
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    Newsletter Term 4 Week 2 (2023)
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    Newsletter Term 3 Week 10 (2023)
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    Newsletter Term 3 Week 8 (2023)
  • Newsletter Term 3 Week 6 (2023)
    Newsletter Term 3 Week 6 (2023)
  • Newsletter Term 3 Week 4 (2023)
    Newsletter Term 3 Week 4 (2023)
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    Newsletter Term 3 Week 2 (2023)
  • Newsletter Term 2 Week 10 (2023) NEWS Week 10 Term 2 " 23 June CPH – Ball Games Mr Jim Ford " Principal Mr Chris Apelt " Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning Not a Solo Effort Reports and Student Led Conferencing Semester 1 Reports will be available via Effective team planning means students get the benefit of the diverse Parent Lounge and Student Café during the first week of the holidays. expeIrsiesncueseof1co8lla2bo0ra2t2ing"stFafrf.iday 28 October Student Led conferencing will be offered What emerges from planning days such as today is a superior classroom again at the beginning of Term 3, Thursday experience for the students and staff who learn from each other. 27 July. Bookings will be available during Week 2 of Term 3 via Parent Lounge. Mrs Jeanette Refalo " Assistant Principal Wellness/Mission Social Media Influencers In today's digital age, the influence of social media on young minds cannot be underestimated. Social media platforms have become powerful tools in shaping societal norms and values, particularly through the presence of influential figures known as social media influencers. Among them, Andrew Tate, a prominent figure in the online world, has garnered attention and sparked debates regarding his impact on young audiences. As Parents and Caregivers you play a crucial role in guiding your children's social media use, especially when it comes to cultivating positive masculinity. Fostering open discussions can help young people navigate social media responsibly and develop a healthy understanding of what it means to be a positive role model in today's interconnected world. For further information, please click on the SchoolTV link. CMC News Announcing the newest member of our CMC family, welcome to the world Master Michael Lamb. Congratulations Alex and Jason on the arrival of your beautiful baby boy. Mrs Paula Bell " Business Manager With the school carnival over, attention now moves towards the Mackay School Fees and District Athletics Carnival for our qualifying students, to be held in Over the next 2 weeks, you will receive your Statement of Account Week 3 of Term 3. outlining your current fee balance. I will also be reaching out to families School Support Staff Recognition Week, June 12-16 who do not make regular payments to provide assistance with Recognise, Respect, Celebrate implementing a payment plan to ensure your account is finalised by the end of Term 4. Date Claimers Instrumental Lessons First Week of Holidays – Semester 1 Report Cards Available Students who participated in Instrumental Lessons and Glee Term 3 Club during Semester 1 will also receive their invoice. You Thursday 13 July – Year 7 Whitsunday Voices are encouraged to make regular payments throughout the Friday 14 July – Rock Pop Mime 6:30pm New Life Church Nth Mky term for these activities. Wednesday 19 July – PEG meeting 5:30pm If you have any concerns, please contact Mrs Paula Bell by Wednesday 19 July – Board meeting 7:00pm email Thursday 27 July – Student Led Conferencing Tuesday 8 August – Year 9 Subject Selection Evening Mr Daniel Scotton " Sports Coordinator Friday 1 September – Pupil Free Day Bugu Bugu – The Rise Of The Mighty Butterflies Last Friday saw our CMC Athletics Carnival held Quote "It is for God we serve the poor, in perfect weather conditions at the Mackay ARC and not for thanks." facilities, with our largest attendance and participation for a carnival yet. All six Houses Catherine McAuley battled it out for points all day in track and field events with lots of colour, cheering and Vinnies Winter Appeal shouting. The fierce butterflies of Bugu Bugu Another impressive effort by our Pastoral Care classes with a total of 311 House came away with the most points on the items donated for our Vinnie's Winter Appeal. A special mention to Bugu day in a close contest, with just 19 points Bugu House with a grand total of 102 items. All donations have been separating 1st from 3rd. Not as close was the delivered to St Vincent de Paul's today and will support those in need in Staff vs Students relay finale, with the staff team taking full advantage of our local community. the lower year levels to come out victorious and enacting some revenge for the relay loss at the swimming carnival earlier in the year. Age Champions: 12 Years – Sienna C and Jaben K 13 Years – Riley A and Nate D 14 Years – Jessy C and Danny A Jessy, Sienna, Danny, Riley, Jaben, Nate
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  • Newsletter Term 2 Week 8 (2023) NEWS Week 8 Term 2 " 9 June CPH – Mountain Biking Club Mr Jim Ford " Principal ways. For example, ask your child to teach you something they have Runs On The Board learnt at school. Have them draw diagrams or write summary notes of their teachings. Being able to articulate their new learning in their own The PEG (Parent Engagement Group) have made a big impact on CMC with words is a powerful revision method. Or you could have your child re- write their notes from class, using colour coordination, mind maps or a veIrysssuucceess1fu8l 'C2as0in2o2Ni"ghFt'rtihdis ateyrm2a8ndOthce tmoubche-ernjoyed Trivia other graphic organisers, a powerful way to help students recall and access their knowledge. night late last year. We meet in the College library next Wednesday 14 June to start planning this year's big Trivia night. PEG The Future I also wish to remind all parents that key assessment days are located on As the college progresses, our Parent Engagement Group is taking on the Parent Lounge. Our Assessment Policy states that if a student is more responsibilities. We have formed a future uniform subcommittee absent on a due date (either Final or Draft), an electronic submission of and at the next meeting will elect a Chairperson and Secretary to keep the task is still required on that date. In the case of exams, a parent is track of our high participation meetings. We keep strictly to an hour required to notify the school and the student is required to notify their duration (5:30 to 6:30pm), we are very social and would particularly teacher of the absence and request an alternate date be negotiated, welcome new parents who can donate an hour once a month to help where no academic advantage can be gained. Failure to follow this make CMC a vibrant place for children and parents. process may mean a no result for that assessment, which may impact their semester result. Mr Chris Apelt " Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning Revision Miss Eleanor Woodman " Debating Coach Revision of key concepts is a vital part of a student retaining new knowledge long term. Research suggests that a new skill must be recalled Debating Team from memory and used at least 20 times before it can be stored in our long-term memory. For this reason, homework and revision is strongly "We don't always Debate encouraged, particularly at this time of term, as we head into a heavy people here at CMC, but when assessment next week. If students believe they have "completed" all set we do, we WIN!" homework tasks, independent active revision can be completed in various Our amazing debating teams have made it through to the Semi-Finals of the Mackay Interschool Debating Competition. These remarkable students are willing to admit that YOU are WRONG! Congratulations to Stephen, Ruby, Samantha, Sarah, Caitlyn, Llandyn, Odyn and Drisa on your efforts so far! You must have some debate coaches that love to argue! Ms Crossland and Miss Woodman have enjoyed coaching you this term. If we say, "first of all" run away... because we have prepared research, data and charts! We will be out to have a Debate-off! Mr Daniel Scotton " Sports Coordinator Athletics Carnival Reminder Date – Friday 16 June 2023 Transport will be to and from the ARC by bus Sports uniform must be worn, coloured house accessories only Lunch - Bring a packed lunch and water bottle or money as a canteen will be available Parents are welcome to attend in parent designated area only Photography by College photographer only Selected events were completed during lunch breaks this week with enthusiastic participation. Date Caimers Wednesday 14 June – PEG meeting 5:30pm Wednesday 14 June – Board meeting 7:00pm Friday 16 June – Athletics Carnival Thursday 22 June – Mackay Show Holiday Friday 23 June – Pupil Free Day First Week of Holidays – Semester 1 Report Cards Available Quote God does not bestow all His choicest blessings on one person. Catherine McAuley Community News
    Newsletter Term 2 Week 8 (2023)
  • Newsletter Term 2 Week 6 (2023) Student Council Meeting NEWS Week 6 Term 2 " 26 May Mr Jim Ford " Principal Mr Chris Apelt " Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning Jigsaws at Lunchtime Assessment & Attendance 400 pieces to go and it's getting tough. We are about to head into another busy assessment period for students of both grades, as we look to complete Semester 1. Now is a great time Issue 18 2022 " Friday 28 October to remind families of several important policies and processes. Concrete Progress 1. Assessment dates are available on Parent Lounge and Student Café. Construction is keeping to the timeline with excellent progress being 2. If a student is absent on an assessment due date (draft or final), the made by Fergus Builders. Blocks Kappa and Theta are rapidly taking shape to be fully functional for 2024. student is required to email their teacher and parents to contact the school to explain the absence. 3. Any assessment that can be submitted electronically, must still meet the due date, regardless of absence. 4. In junior school (year 7 – 9), where possible and no academic advantage is gained, students who follow the contact expectations (above), may be offered an alternate assessment opportunity. Where this isn't appropriate or possible, a result may be determined from formative work collected or teacher observations made. Semester 1 Report Cards Reports will be completed at the end of term and made available on Parent Lounge and Student Café during the first week of the holidays. Students will receive an Achievement, Effort & Behaviour Result for each subject. The Virtues Awards will be applied to these report cards again and we remind students and families that the College Whole School Event attendance will also be applied to awards for next term. Mrs Alex Lamb " Head of Department The Arts Instrumental Lessons Does your child REALLY love Singing, Drumming, Guitar, Piano, Strings like Violin or Cello? Do they want to learn to play an instrument or learn to sing? CMC students have the opportunity to take private lessons at the College every week with our expert instrumental tutors and singing coach. They can also join the Strings Ensemble, the Drum Corps or Glee Club if they love to rock in groups. Click on the link below for more information or to enrol your student in the Catherine McAuley College Specialist Instrumental Program for 2023 and get started this week! tyKIwgiadPV2nWymtS46dIdbyzYlII8S8A/viewform?usp=sf_link Arts Cushions Have Your Say Students are now thrilled to be seated in style on their new Arts cushions from VE Furniture. Theory lessons just became a whole lot more comfortable! Addams Family The Australian Minister for Education is encouraging teachers, parents The Arts students were fortunate to have had the opportunity to see the and students to complete a survey to inform the work of the Expert Panel local theatre production of the Addams Family Musical at the MECC last Review for the next National School Reform Agreement. week. By all reports the production was BRILLIANT! The Review to Inform a Better and Fairer Education System (the Review) Mr Daniel Scotton " Sports Coordinator will make recommendations for Education Ministers to inform the next Get ready for our biggest, loudest, most colourful carnival yet agreement to improve education outcomes in Australia and meet the Friday 16 June is the date set for our CMC Inter-house Athletics Carnival current and future needs of students. which will be a full day of events and activities at the Mackay ARC Survey participants can have their say on a range of issues including: facilities. Nominations for all the events will be conducted next week, Improving education outcomes with a few select events occurring in the days leading up to the big Supporting student health and wellbeing, and day. Students will be given the chance to compete in all events and the Supporting and retaining teachers. staff have been training hard for the infamous Staff vs Students relay. Staff are looking to regain some pride after the hurtful loss in this year's The survey is available to complete here: Survey for swimming carnival relay. Parents and Carers It Please note the following: will be open until Friday 23 June 2023. The Expert Transport will be to and from the ARC by bus Panel will use the results to help draft a consultation Sports uniform must be worn, coloured house accessories only paper which will invite submissions from all Lunch - Bring a packed lunch and water bottle or money as a canteen stakeholders. Results will also inform the development of recommendations for the final report, which will will be available advise Education Ministers on what targets and Parents are welcome to attend in parent designated area only reforms should be included in the next National School Photography by College photographer only Reform Agreement Date Claimers Wednesday 14 June, 7:00pm - College Board Meeting Quote "The union which exists among Friday 16 June – Athletics Carnival you will draw the favour and blessing of Thursday 22 June – Mackay Show Holiday heaven..." Friday 23 June – Pupil Free Day First Week of Holidays – Semester 1 Report Cards Available Catherine McAuley Community News
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  • Newsletter Term 2 Week 4 (2023) NEWS Week 4 Issue 7 " 12 May 2023 Mr Jim Ford " Principal Mrs Jeanette Refalo " Assistant Principal Mission Student Led Conferencing – The Aftermath The State of Youth Mental Health "A student explaining how they intend to improve is very different from a Parents and carers can play a crucial role in their children's mental health. As a result, staying informed on the current state of youth mental health teacIhsersaundepa1re8nt2te0lli2ng2th"emFhroidw athyey 2sh8ouOld icmtporobvee."r is vital, as it not only affects individuals, but also families and communities. According to recent research, the frequency of mental Apologies to those families who did not realise that a new format for the health disorders among young people is increasing, with anxiety, traditional parent / teacher interviews is known at CMC as Student Led depression, and self-harm being among the most common challenges. Conferences. The College should have provided more clarity about the change and how / when to book. One of the reasons being attributed to this rise is the heightened stress and anxiety that many young people face in today's society. Academic Student Led Conferences require the student to be present and engaged success, social media, and family issues are all influencing factors. Many in the conversation, along with at least one parent/guardian . Over time, young people are still suffering the long-term consequences of the concentrating on commitment and what the student can do to keep pandemic, such as social isolation, uncertainty, and loss. improving promotes a more mature attitude to their studies. Student Led Conferences communicates a confidence in the child's ability to commit Parents can play an important role in their children's mental health. to their education and set future goals. Creating a safe and open environment for your children to talk about their emotions, thoughts, and feelings is vital. Encouraging healthy habits like The next student led conferences will be early in Term 3 on Thursday 27 regular exercise, a balanced diet, and proper sleep can help reduce their July from 3:30pm to 6:30pm. Bookings will be available via Parent Lounge stress levels and boost your child's overall mental health. There are also closer to the time. Please note; student led conference time slots fill many resources and services available to children, adolescents, and their quickly. families, such as school counsellors, various mental health organisations, support lines, and of course, mental health professionals. It is important For conferences to remember that seeking help is a show of strength, not weakness, and on last term that early intervention is critical in addressing young people's mental electives, parents health difficulties. will need to contact the If you have concerns regarding your child's mental health, the attached individual SchoolTV link (click here) is a wonderful resource available to CMC teacher by email families. to make an appointment. The College Counsellor is on campus on Tuesday (every 2nd week), Wednesdays and Thursdays to support any personal or family challenges. Mr Chris Apelt " Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning Please contact Mrs Kristy Flor E: or Year 9 2024 Subject Selection phone the College on 4994 9200. We are starting to look towards 2024 and the first opportunity (other than Clubs) for students to select subjects. Earlier in the year, students Mr Dan Scotton " Sports Coordinator completed a trial run of the process and at the beginning of next Well Done semester, the 2024 subject selection process will begin. Junior cricket player, Tyler Peters has made the Brisbane Premiere Students will be able to select from a full suite of subjects including, The League. He will play for the Arts (Dance, Drama, Music, Media Arts, Visual Arts), Technologies (Design Northern Kings during the T20 Technologies, Digital Technologies, Food Technologies, Materials & competition in Brisbane during the Construction) Civics, Business and Spanish. Students will select and study September school holidays. three of these options, for a semester each. They will also be asked to select a reserve subject preference, as not all subjects offered may be able Congratulations to Georgia Eva and to run, due to small student numbers. These elective subjects will be Gemma Gravino who were recently complimented by the core subjects of Religion, English, Mathematics, selected to represent Capricornia at Science and Health & Physical Education. In addition, History and the upcoming Hockey State Geography will appear as a core subject for all students in one semester Championships in Brisbane this only. June. Students will receive an Elective Subject Information Booklet in the first few weeks of Term 3. Parents will be advised through the Parent Lounge Calendar about the opportunity to attend a Subject Information Evening. Once informed about subject options, students will complete an online selection. Selections will be confirmed on a permission letter, that parents will sign and return to finalise the process. Mrs Sarah Krause " Teacher Community News Young Mayors Out of the 21 candidates across the region, a total of 12 students were selected for the Mackay Youth Council via a democratic vote. In Mackay over 1400 votes took place and from these, two students from our college were successful. From here they will attend two meetings a month to develop a proposal to support youth in the Mackay region. This will then be presented to the Mackay Council at a future council meeting. This program is the first in Australia with only five other councils in the country running the program. We can't wait to see what the children produce for the Mackay region. Congratulations Lily Cheyne and Stephen Miranda. Date Claimers Wednesday 17 May, 5:30pm – PEG Meeting Friday 26 May 7:00pm CMC Fundraising Casino Night Wednesday 14 June, 7:00pm - College Board Meeting Friday 16 June – Athletics Carnival Thursday 22 June – Mackay Show Holiday Friday 23 June – Pupil Free Day First Week of Holidays – Semester 1 Report Cards Available Café Convenor " Mrs Frances Deguara Café Roster Thank you to all our volunteers, without you our Café would not be able to operate. We are still desperately seeking more volunteers to fill the roster. If you could spare 3 hours once or twice a month, please contact me on . Thank you. Non State Schools Travel Rebates
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  • Newsletter Term 2 Week 2 (2023) NEWS Week 2 Issue 6 " 28 April 2023 Year 8 Week Challenge - How are you Going to Bend the Future? Next Monday, Labour Day is also the Feast of St Joseph the Worker, The winning students presented their Linguify app idea to take out the the man who taught Jesus to work. We can imagine that he was heart- Challenge, Winners were presented with their prizes by Mayor Greg wise with his hands and in his parenting. With his help, may we also bring our head, heart, and hands together in all we do. WilliIasmssoune(Se1e8ph2o0to2a2bo"veF, Wriedll aDyone2!)8. October Loving God, may I embrace your gift of work, bringing heart and Mr Jim Ford " Principal hands together in the tasks I need to do. May I be inspired by St 6000 Joseph. I ask this in Jesus' name. Amen Our Mackay Mayor, Mr Greg Williamson mentioned the above figure in his ANZAC Day Quote We have one solid comfort amidst this little address at the Cenotaph last Tuesday morning. tripping about: our hearts can always be in the same Six thousand Mackay school children marching place, centred in God, for whom alone we go forward as one to commemorate ANZAC Day. Staff of or stay back."Catherine McAuley various schools intermingling, catching up and sharing light-hearted moments. Students of Mrs Lisa Vernon " Religion Teacher various schools being excited to see each other. This logo was designed by one of our students as part of the Year 7 The occasion pulls people together in an Deep learning task. The task was to design a visual image to represent admirable show of commitment. The diggers of the spiritual identity of Catherine McAuley College. Well done Logan! past conflicts would be proud of what their sacrifice has achieved. Mrs Jeanette Refalo " Assistant Principal Mission Mrs Kathryn Shannon " Religion Teacher Being Heart-Wise On Saturday 15 April, Miss Woodman and I attended the community Iftar dinner hosted by the Mackay Islamic Society at the invitation of I'm sure you'll agree when I say each and every day we have tasks that the Novri family, it was a wonderful experience. we don't want to do. These tasks can be too challenging, too hard, too boring, or, we just don't feel like doing them. We can end up working half-heartedly or in a disconnected way. But what would happen if we brought both our head and our heart together before we even put our hands to the task? We would pause and think about how would be the best way to do this in the time we had. By just doing that, we have taken some control over this part of our lives. We wouldn't over do it because we know we have others things that needed doing. And we wouldn't go foolishly like a bull at a gate. We would try to emotionally engage even with a task we find difficult. The end result is that we would take pride in our work, even if it was something we really didn't want to do. The job would be done as well as we could, and we would have some (perhaps small) sense of achievement. Date Claimers Community News Monday 1 May – Public Holiday Thursday 4 May – 3:30pm Student Led Conferences Wednesday 17 May - College Board Meeting Friday 16 June – Athletics Carnival Thursday 22 June – Mackay Show Holiday Friday 23 June – Pupil Free Day First Week of Holidays – Semester Report Cards Available Young Mayors The Young Mayors Mackay Youth Election will commence at CMC at 11am on Thursday 4 May. Voting will help shape youth representation in Mackay in the form of a Youth Council. There are 12 positions available on the council and the newly formed Youth Council won't just be a voice, but a platform to take action. The Youth Council will have access to training, mentoring, a dedicated staff member and money to run local projects and campaigns. CMC candidates running for election are, Stephen Miranda, Ella Pimm, Georgia Moohin and Lily Cheyne. Café Convenor " Mrs Frances Deguara Help Needed
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  • Newsletter Term 1 Week 10 (2023) NEW S Week 10 Issue 5 " 31 March 2023 Tutoring CARITAS Free Dress House Challenge Bugu Bugu won last week's House Challenge with the most students dressed in their House colour. (See photo above, Well Done!) Mr ICshsrius Aep1el8t "2A0ss2is2ta"ntFPrriidncaipyal2T8eaOchcintog banedr Learning Term one done Students have now completed their first term at CMC for 2023. I want to remind everyone that classes are fluid, and it should be expected that some classes for all students will change over the break. In addition, all students will move to their next rotational subject in the suite related to their year level. Timetables will be available on Student Café and Parent lounge on the final weekend of the holiday break, ready for Term Two. Mr Jim Ford " Principal Casino Night Even Moderation in Moderation Questions about the CMC Casino Night Friday 26 May: Should I dress up? – Absolutely Is this a thinly disguised way of getting me to donate? – Yes Will I have a good time? – You betcha Will I gamble responsibly? – Possibly Do games of chance favour the brave? – Not really Is this a must be seen at event? – You know it! How do I get a ticket? See the flyer below and tell your friends. Mrs Jeanette Refalo " Assistant Principal Mission Rising with Christ Term 1 comes to an end this week. When we return, Easter will have been and, one could be tempted to think, gone without making a difference. We can easily get into a rut with our faith, not realising just how deeply the presence of Jesus Christ has gone down into our being and transformed us to a new way of engaging with other people and our world. 'Me, changed?' I can hear you asking. Yes, let us look at the ways. As Christians we believe: That good can come out of bad. The power Jesus gave in defeating death is given to us. We are not defined or confined by the bad things that happen to us. We can turn them to good. That prayer makes a difference. The good desires I have for others Depending on their circumstances, these payments can help with the can be offered to God and sent to surround and care for them – even cost of school materials, school fees, boarding fees and travel. Further if they are on the other side of the world. information pertaining to ABSTUDY payments can be found here. You might like to share the following communication resources with That forgiveness is not only possible but necessary. When we hear your school community: stories of people who have forgiven those who have wronged them, ABSTUDY for students living away from home or It's not too late to we understand, we get it – even if we feel it might be beyond us. claim ABSTUDY for 2023 post on their school Facebook accounts It's not too late to claim ABSTUDY for the new school year website That goodness is something for which we should work and strive. news item on their school websites or newsletters Yes, we want to be better because we believe we have been made for Timely updates pertaining to ABSTUDY are communicated via that. These are the subtle ways; Jesus Christ is alive in you. Allow yourself Café Convenor " Mrs Frances Deguara to recognise and appreciate the new divine life that is rising in your Help Needed hearts. Can you help volunteering in Catherine's Café? Shifts are 8:30 – Loving God, my faith can seem so ordinary at times that I think it has 11:30am, include lunch and are always a little effect on me. Let me realise how the Holy Spirit is alive within me great way to get involved and meet allowing the life of Jesus to rise in my heart and in my life. In Jesus' other parents. name. Amen If you think you could assist with, please contact me via the office or Student Protection by email Thank you. Student protection and wellbeing are of the highest priority at Catherine McAuley College. Our commitment to the protection of Eggs Eggs Everywhere students is based on our belief that each person is made in the image Miss Bartholomew was the lucky winner of of God, and our ethos is to provide a safe and supportive environment 'How many eggs in the jar?' for the Year 8 for all. Berkum CARITAS fundraiser. PS the number was 188, she guessed 187. College Student Protection Contacts: Mr Jim Ford, Mrs Jeanette Refalo, Mrs Helen Patroni, Mrs Kristy Flor and Mrs Karlie Tatchell are whom a student can report any behaviour they consider inappropriate. Quote "I would like to tell you all the little cheering things that God permits to fall in our way" .Catherine McAuley Community News Karlie Tatchell " Regional Indigenous Education Liaison Officer ABSTUDY ABSTUDY is a group of payments that can help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from the start of high school right through to tertiary studies or an apprenticeship. There are ABSTUDY payments for parents whose children live at home as well as away from home.
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  • Newsletter Term 1 Week 8 (2023) Issue 4 2023 NEWS Friday 17 March Mr Jim Ford " Principal Mrs Jeanette Refalo " AP Mission & Wellbeing Digital Addiction Mobile Phones A reality for some, a risk for everyone. It is difficult to separate a teenager from his or her mobile phone, the This is an area where adults as much as children need to be fully following are the expectations for mobile phone usage at the College. informed. As Brad Huddleston, an expert in these matters explains, "no one is addicted to Microsoft Word." The regular technology of our work Students are required to switch off their phones on entering the place is not the issue. It is excessive gaming and internet specific College grounds and store them activities that can and does progressively take over a person's life. securely in lockers from the start of the (See the link below for Part 1 of my interview with Brad this week, school day until they exit the College protecting our kids in this area is hard work.) grounds. However, a mobile phone may be turned on and accessed at the conclusion of the school day to contact parent/guardian with permission from the teacher on duty. When emergencies occur, parents or guardians can reach their child by calling the school. Non-adherence to these expectations will result in a student needing to hand their phone into Student Reception where it can be collected at the end of the day. The only exceptions to these expectations will be where students use their mobile phone to monitor health conditions, or where teachers instruct students to bring their phone for a particular classroom activity. At all other times phones must be in lockers. Mr Dan Scotton " Sports Co-ordinator And the Winners Are! Imbuna have taken out this year's swimming carnival. Congratulations! Thanks to all involved for a very successful and fun filled event. See our Facebook post for all the action shots. Age Champions were: 12G Paisley Darr, 12B Eddison Rose, 12G Olivia Benson, 13B Michael Smyth, 14G Eva Vernon, 14B Riley Darr Mrs Kathryn Shannon " Teacher Mrs Indriani's Visit to Year 7 Mr Chris Apelt " Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning Mrs Shannon's Year 7F English class were fortunate enough to Assessment & Reporting welcome Mrs Indriani to school earlier this term. Students were able to Students are in the busiest part of the term. They will all have ask open-ended questions to further their understanding of Muslim assignments to be working on and exams coming up next traditions for women and develop their real-world understanding week. Important assessment dates can be found on both Student Café alongside the novel Parvana. Thank you to Mrs Indriani and Drisa Novri and Parent Lounge. Families are reminded that if students are absent for sharing your Indonesian culture and religious traditions with us. on a due date for any reason, they are required to make contact with the class teacher and Head of Department via email or phone call, on or before the date. Results from this round of assessment will be communicated on an interim report card, which will be published on Student Café and Parent Lounge in the first week of the holiday break. Mrs Alex Lamb " Head of Department Arts Mr Adam Richard " Strength & Conditioning Coach Did you know Strength & Conditioning Program That study of the Arts is extremely beneficial for academic progress in Beginning Monday (3:05 – 4:05pm) of Week 2 STEM fields? North Carolina State University qualitative studies Term 2, CMC will be running a weekly Strength emphasise that; "We'd like to see more institutional support for the and Conditioning Program for students. The idea that STEM and the Arts can complement each other. This isn't Parent Engagement Group recently donated about training professional performers, but about training students funds from last year's fundraising efforts to from a variety of fields in how to be creative, work well in groups and purchase equipment to ensure this endeavour is so on. It is good workforce preparation - and it also makes students a success. happy. That is something which is often overlooked, but it is important." Students at CMC reap these benefits by studying Dance, The students will be performing numerous Drama, Music, Media Arts and Visual Arts throughout both year 7 & 8. different exercises including deadlifts, squats, lunges, body rows, pushups, dips, planks, agility ladder drills, cone drills, parachute runs and many other exercises. This class will be valuable for both athletic students looking to take their physical performance to the next level and for those students who are just beginning their fitness and training journey. Interested students were given permission forms at the Week 8 Assembly. Forms need to be returned to the Front Office. Mrs Caroline Kerrisk " Teacher A precursor to successful deadlifts and squats is CMC Rugby League posterior chain (hamstring and glute) flexibility. We are nearing the end of our season and are very excited about the improvements we see from our team each week. The Year 8 players If your student is unable to continue to lead the way with their consistent effort and the Year 7 touch their toes while players are rising to the challenge of tackling older opponents. standing with soft knees Figure 1 (Figure 1), they need to work on their flexibility or they will be unable to deadlift and squat properly. Being unable to deadlift and squat properly will severely limit their progress. See Figure 2 (supine hamstring stretch with foot Figure 2 against a wall) and Figure 3 (spiderman) for 2 great stretches that will help with flexibility. Also note these stretches are great for not just students but parents and carers as well and that low back pain is correlated to tight hamstrings and glutes. You can easily perform the supine hamstring stretch will scrolling through social media and the Spiderman stretch while Figure 3 watching Netflix. Ms Michelle Crossland " Teacher Year 8 History We have been studying the Vikings this term, looking at expansion, daily life, religion, and culture. This week, students have been learning about runes, the Viking alphabet, translating messages and creating their own runic designs. Picture by Sara Zaja A Viking sword with message: Into Valhalla Date Claimers Monday 20 March– Berkum - Bake Sale (Bring you money for yummy treats, proceeds to Caritas) Wednesday 22 March – CMC March Board Meeting 7:00pm Friday 24 March – College Tour 7:30am. RSVP with numbers by Thursday 23 February Tuesday 28 March – Year 7 Immunisation Friday 31 March – Lenten Mass 9:15am Friday 31 March – Cross Country Collection of Students at CMC Job Opportunity: Caritas Australia Diocesan Director for During School Hours – From the front office, Nebo Road Entrance Rockhampton Before and After School – From the Field St Car Park Caritas Australia is seeking a passionate Diocesan Director for the Café Convenor " Mrs Frances Deguara Rockhampton Diocese. This paid role is appointed by Caritas Australia in conjunction with the Bishop of Rockhampton and Year 7 Immunisation Update promotes the work of Caritas Australia through fundraising, advocacy and relationships with schools and parishes. The role is flexible, working 1 day / 7.6 hours per week on average across the year and involves engaging with communities across the Rockhampton Diocese, supporting Caritas Australia appeals and coordinating volunteers. Duties include: Coordinating Project Compassion including the Diocesan Project Compassion Launch Providing a communications pathway between Caritas and the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton parishes and schools General administration tasks For more information, including a copy of the role description and overview, contact the HR Manager on 4887 3090. To apply for the position, submit your resume and cover letter to Diocesan employees are encouraged to apply. Community Notices
    Newsletter Term 1 Week 8 (2023)
  • Newsletter Term 1 Week 6 (2023) Issue 3 2023 Fri 3 March NEWS Mr Jim Ford " Principal want to change, Do I need to pay for tutoring? The short answer is no! and then ask God When students enter the senior phase of high school in subjects like the advanced to give us the Maths, Science and Literature courses then complementary tutoring can really wisdom and help the battling student get some clear air. In the early years of high school when imagination to students need that immediate one to one help the College has set up a range of supports that parents can encourage their child to access. work out how we could change. This is the Lenten 40-day challenge Naturally there is no cost associated with getting this help and staff simply donate their time in the interests of the students. to allow God to change our lives and help us become the Maths Tutoring -: Monday afternoons for 3:00 to 4:00pm. Mr Smith in people we know we can be. Epsilon 1.6 (Middle floor) Science Tutoring -: With Maths tutoring. Ms Andrews in Epsilon 1.5 Quote "May God preserve and bless you and grant you English Tutoring -: Thursdays first lunch. Ms Crossland in Epsilon 2.1 all the graces and precious gifts reserved for this holy season.." Help with Homework/Classwork -: Monday to Thursday first lunch. Delta 1.4 (bring lunch), also, Tuesday and Thursday mornings 8:00 to Catherine McAuley 8:30am College Library for Homework -: Every afternoon 3:00 to 4:00pm, also Responsible Thinking Process (RTP) open 8.00 to 8.30am mornings except Wednesday. We are halfway through Term 1 already and have settled into the school year with subject assessment underway. Given that most students are hungry after school they sometimes need a snack before they can make it to tutoring or start on homework. They An aspect of the Behaviour can do this under Epsilon block. Parents should endeavour to make Management Philosophy at Catherine good use of what assistance is available at the college before resorting McAuley College is the Responsible to any extra expense. Thinking Process (RTP). Mrs Jeanette Refalo " AP Mission & Wellbeing During the initial weeks of the year, we have affirmed with all students Lent - What do you want? the College expectations, standards, and procedures to be followed. The first words said by Jesus in the Gospel of John: What do you want? The College wide expectations and College values are simple and And like the disciples who heard that question, we fumble with the provide guidelines for how students should speak and act toward answer. We want so much, we get confused, distracted, and swayed others and their property. These expectations and processes enable by other's opinion. and support students to work toward achieving and exceeding their potential. We began Lent last week. Lent is the time to seriously consider what we are talking about. We are called to deny ourselves... but what for? We believe all students have the right to learn and teachers have the Denial is worse than useless if it goes nowhere. For example, you may right to teach without disruption. This upholds the God-given dignity spend too much time on social media. But if some of that time was of all people. Therefore, we ask all students to ensure their behaviours, spent with your family, there is a real chance your relationships would attitude and efforts allow this to happen. deepen. This won't be easy. We know it is easier to check the 'likes and notifications than to engage with in ordinary conversation. That is The purpose of the RTP is to support students, who cannot meet where self-denial comes in. classroom expectations. In the Responsible Thinking Centre (next to the College Library) a student referred from the classroom due to As we ask ourselves what is really important, we can see where we need disruptive conduct will undertake a written reflection on how to be to change, and this can feel overwhelming. We all have deep rooted successful in future classes. habits that we despair to change. But firstly, we need to ask why we Wellbeing Resource now available SchoolTV is now available to our College families. What is SchootTV? SchoolTV is: a highly regarded Wellbeing resource. designed to support parents and caregivers with the challenges of modern-day parenting. a platform to watch video interviews with leading specialists. a library of wellbeing information. Stacey Austin " Year 8 Head of Year an Access point for a series of mental health topics such as cyber Year 8 Activity Week Just because the Year 8's are stuck at school while the Year 7's are safety, anxiety, screen time, positive parenting and many more. exploring the Whitsundays, doesn't mean we won't be having a great time back home! Over the four days, our Year 8's will be completing Click this link to access an alternative program where we will focus on student wellbeing, SchoolTV or go to our website. relationships and building their entrepreneurial skills. The students will explore respectful relationships through the Love Bites Program by Mrs Paula Bell " Business Manager engaging in topics such as respect in relationships; gender roles and College Fees stereotypes; jealously; sexual harassment and homophobia; If paying fees in full you can deduct the 2.5% discount listed at the challenging harassment; discrimination; and seeking help. bottom of your statement, you have until Friday 10 March to be eligible to apply this discount. Students will also spend two days fine tuning their entrepreneurial skills with Brisbane based company Future Anything in their Spark Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payment plans can be set up using Workshop. The workshop aims to take students from looking inward Parent Lounge. When selecting your start date, it must be the next day at personal passions and lived experiences to ideate, prototype and or after. Click HERE to set up your payment plan. pitch impactful solutions to the real-world problems that matter to them in an energetic and engaging way. This work will then continue Year 7 school Camp payment throughout the term as students implement their solutions in our 2nd Payment is due in Week 10 (by Friday 31 March) $225.00 Pastoral Care (PC) lessons. These PC lessons will focus on Service Financial Concerns Learning in Term 2 to enable and encourage them to make their school If families are experiencing financial concerns regarding college and community a better place. payments, please contact the Mrs Paula Bell on 4994 9200. Throughout the week we will also be running fun house challenge Mr Dan Scotton " Sports Co-ordinator activities. More information regarding the events will be communicated Swimming Carnival at a later date. The CMC Swimming Carnival will be held on Friday 10 March at the Mackay Aquatic & Date Claimers Recreation Centre (ARC). It is a fun day full of Wednesday 8 March - PEG meeting 5:30pm racing and activities with all the houses Thursday 9 March – College Open Evening competing for points towards the prestigious Friday 10 March – Swimming Carnival CMC House Cup. All students are expected to Date Change - Wednesday 22 March – Board meeting 7:00pm attend and there will be events throughout the Tuesday 28 March – Year 7 Immunisation day for swimmers of all abilities. Friday 31 March – Cross Country Students will dress in their sports Mrs Frances Deguara " Café Convenor uniform for the day and will be allowed to add coloured accessories to go with their house colour. Please no costumes, glitter, zinc, crepe paper, or anything that might cause a problem if it gets in the pool. The ARC Cafe will be open and available for the students to use throughout the day. Parents are welcome to attend. A reminder that photography on the day will be limited to our school photographer only. Leila Vernalls " Year 7 Head of Year Mrs Karlie Tatchell " Regional Indigenous Education Liaison Officer Camp Kanga We are all looking forward to our upcoming camp at Camp Kanga in Proserpine where students will participate in a vast range of memorable experiences. From team building activities based at Camp to exploring one of the seven wonders of the world, our beautiful Great Barrier Reef. We will also hike to the spectacular Coral Beach and take in the amazing scenery and explore the vast range of coral left on the shores. Some other special events students will experience are their first Year 7 disco, a trivia challenge and our very own CMC talent show, where even the teachers will show off their talents. Also have your child start thinking about a special item they would like to include in our 2023 Camp Time Capsule. Can't wait to see you all there.
    Newsletter Term 1 Week 6 (2023)
  • Newsletter Term 1 Week 4 (2023) Issue 2 2023 NEWS Friday 17 February Mr Jim Ford " Principal for their student to be withdrawn from testing, a withdrawal form is What were the favourite baby names in 2010 / 2011? available from the College Office and must be returned to the school well A simple piece of market research is achieved by getting to know the first prior to the first exam on the Wednesday 15 March. names of our new Year 7 students. There's Lachlan, Ruby, Georgie; there's Ethan and Logan, Mia and Hannah; there's Lily and Cooper (but Mrs Paula Bell " Business Manager not as many as last year). A person's name is Finance News important to them. To know someone starts with The 2023 Annual Fee Statements were emailed to all families on Friday knowing their name. 10 February. Easypay Payment Plan: You can This week, after our Year 7's received their now set up a weekly, fortnightly, or Chromebook computers, some of the students monthly payment plan in the Parent sitting in the Library were checking their Prep photos Lounge (TASS). When selecting your from seven years ago. How quickly they grow up! The "bundle of joy" start date, it must be the next day or can become a "bundle of attitude." At this age it's all about friendships, after. "fitting-in", and that intense social experience. Click HERE to set up your payment plan. Date correction if paying fees in full: You can deduct the 2.5% This phase of social / emotional development is discount listed at the bottom of your statement if paying in full by 10 important. They are learning at an incredible rate. March. (Not 10 February as outlined on the Statement). In five years' time they will be checking their Year 7 Account & Discount Information Form: All discounts have been photo and laughing at how young and innocent they applied to returned forms. were. Instrumental, Vocal & Glee Club Fees: These fees do not appear on The staff at CMC are here to guide them into the the Annual Fee Statement. A separate invoice will be issued. future. Year 7 School Camp Fees: These fees do not appear on the Annual Fee Statement. The first payment for camp of $225.00 is due on Friday Mr Chris Apelt " Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning 24 February. Please refer to the letter that was issued on Thursday 9 Curriculum News February. Year 9 Electives – The current Year 8 students have been asked to fill out Please contact the Finance Office if you have any queries. a survey to give a general indication of subject preferences for Year 9. This survey enables the College to gather possible numbers for subjects, ENROLMENT APPLICATIONS FOR YEAR 7 IN 2024 to assist in the planning and staffing process. Parents and Guardians of children currently in Year 6 who wish to be part of our Catherine McAuley College community are invited to complete Subject selections for 2024 will take place in Term 3 when parents will be enrolment applications NOW for Year 7 in 2024! Interviews will invited to be involved. Options for Year 9 elective subjects, at this stage commence in March. Siblings of current CMC students are not will be Dance, Drama, Music, Media Arts, Visual Arts, Spanish, Materials automatically enrolled, an application must be submitted. Please do not & Construction, Design Technologies, Digital Technologies & Food hesitate to contact the College with any queries relating to enrolment. Technologies. Students will select four electives for the year and complete two each semester. Because these will be semester long CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE ENROLMENT APPLICATION courses, no student will be permitted to do the same subject twice. It is FORM important to note that Year 9 students will continue in all six core subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, Health & PE, Religion and COLLEGE TOURS Humanities (History, Geography, Civics & Business) We hold Tours of the College several times a term, to register please email with your contact details and 'Tour of Year 7 NAPLAN – Year 7 students College' in the subject line. Current and prospective families are will complete the biannual National welcome. Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) testing. FOLLOW US Students in Year 7 complete a series 'Like' us on Facebook of four online tests (Reading, Writing, Language Conventions & Numeracy) during Week 8 and 9 of this term. All tests are completed Go to our Website online, using the students own Chromebook device and results are anticipated to be returned early in Semester 2. This process is an important one to gauge progress over the last two years in these testing areas. We recommend and encourage all students to be involved and do their best but, re-iterate that it is a point in time test, only indicative of their achievements on that day, and nothing more. If a family wishes Opening Evening Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to be launched during National Come and join us at our Open evening to see what CMC Reconciliation Week (27 May-3 June) has to offer Update from Parent Engagement Group regarding upcoming events for the year 'Casino Night' and 'Trivia Night' Principal's Report (1) start of Phase 2 Construction begins 13/2/23. (2) Statistics on new enrolments and staffing Photo: CMC Board Members 2023 – back row: Jodie Benfer, Kris Arnold, Kathy Parrish, Matt Cole, Jeanette Refalo Front row: Andrea Pembroke, Karlie Tatchell, Helen Moohin, Jim Ford Absent: Helen Patroni Date Claimers Wednesday 22 February – Ash Wednesday Thursday 9 March – College Open Evening Friday 10 March – Swimming Carnival Tuesday 28 March – Year 7 Immunisation Friday 31 March – Cross Country Quote "May God preserve and bless you all." Catherine McAuley Mrs Kristy Flor " College Counsellor Café Convenor " Mrs Frances Deguara Here to Support You Café News The College Counsellor is here on Tuesday (every Catherine's Café Volunteer Roster 2nd week), Wednesday and Thursday to support any personal or family challenges. Please contact Mrs Flor on or phone the College at 4994 9200. Mrs Kathy Parrish " College Board Chair Can you help volunteering in Catherine's Café? Shifts are 8:30 – Board News 11:30am, include lunch and are always a great way to get involved and Wednesday 8 February 2023 meeting. meet other parents. We are looking for volunteers to fill in the following shifts: It's good to be back! Wednesday 22 February The 2023 Board comprises of the 2022 members Tuesday 7 March with welcome addition of new parent members Mrs Wednesday 8 March Helen Moohin and Mr Kris Arnold. Thursday 9 March EVENING for CMC Open Night (x 2) Thursday 23 March (x 2) With good humour we get through some serious business but Thursday 30 March particularly enjoy presentations by board members on topics as diverse as early numeracy, leadership, air traffic control and the racing industry. If you think you could assist with any of these dates, please contact me Our board members are fascinating people. via the office or by email Thank you. Items covered at this meeting; All board members completed pre-service which was facilitated by Mr Michael McCusker, Assistant Director – Schools North Mr Jim Ford will be meeting with local Council and Andrew Wilcox MP regarding Traffic Pedestrian Management Plan for the school
    Newsletter Term 1 Week 4 (2023)
  • Newsletter Term 1 Week 2 (2023) Issue 1 2023 NEWS Friday 3 February Mr Jim Ford " Principal Elective Rotations "One in Ten" Students in both Year 7 and 8 progress through a rotational course, exposing them to a range of subjects across the year. Not all students To start the school year the national papers were preoccupied on issues will study the same elective at the same time, however by the end of in education. In particular, many of the articles spoke of a crisis in that year, all students will have experienced all elective subjects. This school attendance. Significant proportions of students in all states are program is designed to give students experience in a range of subjects, frequently staying away from school. A growing number of pupils are reflecting the options that will become available for their selection in away from school more than one day in ten of the academic year. The the middle years (Year 9 and 10). Current rotations are: increased absence is being put down to COVID, separation from Year 7 – Visual Art, Performing Arts, Digital Technologies, Design routine, preoccupation with online activities, anxiety and suspensions Technologies to name a few factors. The end result is significant gaps in conceptual Year 8 – Visual Arts, Drama & Spanish, Performing Arts, Robotics. (Note development, difficulty keeping up in class and alienation through that Visual Arts will become Food Technologies again in 2024) disappointing achievement. Mrs Jeanette Refalo " Assistant Principal Mission & Absence from school is sometimes unavoidable but should be Wellbeing consciously minimised. Missing one day can have an impact and every New Beginnings day is important. That includes camps, With the arrival of the new school year comes many new beginnings; carnivals and special days. If a parent is new teachers to meet, students to become friends with, homework concerned that school avoidance is demands, new diaries to be organised, and not forgetting the potentially an issue contact the College and impending struggle with assessment. we will enlist the help of specialist staff. School can be an anxious place for some Joan Chittister osb, however reminds us that: students but it is most important that with help they can learn to thrive in a social Life is not meant to be a series of resolutions designed to make us environment with their peers someone we're not. It's meant to be a series of explorations which, in the end, finally bring us home to ourselves. 'The life is short' Like more information on this topic? then please click this Link for a Hippocrates says, 'the thorough coverage of what leads to school avoidance, and how best craft is long to learn… to respond. It's easy to bounce through life – going Mr Chris Apelt " Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning here, trying that, tasting Importance of Homework this. What is difficult is As the saying goes, "practice makes perfect". We may not always be trying to figure out what able to perfect everything we do, but "Practice does make we are supposed to do progress". For this reason, homework is a critical part of schooling at with what we find, or Catherine McAuley College. Students of both year levels should learn from where we go anticipate between 30 and 45 minutes of homework for each subject, what will make life even richer. For ourselves, of course. But also for the each week. Each subject has their own variation to homework delivery rest of the world, as well (The Art of Life. 2012. 7-8). and expectations, but all homework will be important practice of concepts learnt in class, rather than new work. A new year invites us to continue this personal journey. To learn from those around us, to appreciate the gifts we have been taking for The homework expectations can be granted, to find the beauty, the Jesus moments in the everyday of life, quite different to that in some seeking ways to make our world a better place. primary schools, and teachers will support all students in meeting Office Hours: homework requirements for their With the College under rapid development, our Administration class. Parents can do their part to staff are fully occupied in a variety of roles. There is a need for a support by doing two key concise planning meeting each week. This meeting will be held things. Develop & support a household routine that includes time for on Tuesdays from 3.15 to 4.00pm, therefore the College Office homework and ensure a location within the house that is supervised, will be closed at this time. Phones will be monitored for free of distractions (technology including phones) and conducive to emergencies only. students producing their best work. Tuckshop News Catherine's Café Volunteer Roster Instrumental Opportunities at the College The CMC Specialist Instrumental and Co Curricular Arts programs have started with a bang this week! Specialist lessons in Percussion, Drum Corps, Piano, Vocals, Strings Ensemble, Strings lessons and Guitar have begun, as well as Glee Club Choir rehearsals and Dance Team auditions. It is wonderful to see so many students taking advantage of the vast opportunities offered in the Arts at the College and learning from local professional artists and university teachers. There is still space to join the fun! Simply click on the link for more information regarding fees, expectations, rehearsal times and to enrol. DHMlIsSxJnBoM8/edit Employment Opportunities Did You Know There is Math tutoring every Monday afternoon from 3:00- 4:00pm in room E1.6 Help with schoolwork is available during lunch break in room D1.4 from 11:15am (Mon-Thurs) and Tues & Thurs mornings 8:00-8:30am Catherine's Café is now open at recess (The new quiches are very delicious) Student collection after school is from the Field Street car park Our Facebook page is a great way of keeping up to date with what is happening at the College Quote "May God bless and animate you with His [dGorcaubmy1eon3utr1orreAuasrdemert'hysisaCsttapedancteieotntoUweintmhitpah–agsreSizaaet rqaiunkoeatye from the point. To own divine spirit, that you may prove it is Jesus Christ you love and serve with your whole heart." place this text box anywhere on the page, just drag it.] Catherine McAuley Date Claimers Wednesday 8 February – Opening Year Prayer Celebration Wednesday 8 February – Parent Engagement Group Meeting 5:30pm in the College Library Wednesday 8 February – College Board Meeting 7:00pm Thursday 9 February - School Photos Friday 10 February – College Tour 7:45am. RSVP with numbers by Thursday 9 February Friday 17 February - Bishop's Inservice Day – Pupil Free Day Wednesday 22 February – Ash Wednesday Thursday 9 March – College Open Evening Friday 10 March – Swimming Carnival Tuesday 28 March – Year 7 Immunisation Friday 31 March – Cross Country Community Notices
    Newsletter Term 1 Week 2 (2023)
  • Newsletter Term 4 Week 9 (2022) NEWS Issue 20 2022 Friday 2 December Mr Jim Ford " Principal With Thanks Thank you for the many messages of thanks for the year and the yummy treats the staff have been gifted with. Wishing you a very merry Christmas. The CMC Staff Mr Chris Apelt " Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning Award Presentation Reports Release Date Principal's Award recipients Semester 2 reporting has closed for the year and will be published to Parent Lounge early next week. The results provided for core subjects will reflect the second semester and the elective subject will only be that of term 4. A reminder to all families that the timetable will be of the same structure next year (6 core subjects and 1 elective changing each term). During the year, students will be encouraged to make their first subject selections in preparation for year 9. Keep an eye out in the newsletter for further information on this because it is important that families are part of this selection process with their students. Mrs Jeanette Refalo " Assistant Principal Mission Spirit of Catherine Award Christmas Wish "Let charity be our badge of honour. May you have the so that it may truly be said, there Gift of Faith is in us but one heart and one soul in God." The Blessings of Hope And the peace of His love this Christmas Blessings from Catherine McAuley College Catherine McAuley Bee Inspired - Mrs Helen Patroni " HOD Inclusive Practices Office Hours – Christmas Break The Change Makers were involved in a workshop this year the Closed Monday 12 December to Wednesday 11 January Beecreativezz group. The girls are pictured with Tash, one of the Re-open 8:00am Thursday 12 January 2023 group's members and creators. We helped draw bees that have featured in a 2023 calendar. These calendars can be purchased from Community News the College office on Thursday 8 December 8:00am – 12:00pm for $25 (cash in an envelope). They will make a great Christmas present Quote "It is Christmas every time you let God love others through you ... yes, it is Christmas every time you smile at your brother and offer him your hand." Mother Teresa Around The Table Cook Book Our Cookbook will be available for sale next week. and would make a wonderful Christmas gift – Further information will be sent out.
    Newsletter Term 4 Week 9 (2022)
  • Newsletter Term 4 Week 8 (2022) Issue 20 2022 NEWS Friday 25 November Mum Drop Me Off at The Gate! What Planet Is That? - Mrs Narelle Nash " Teacher Assistant Q: When does a parent go from a supreme being to mildly The term and year is coming to an end – but not so our learning and practical components in science. Last week some of our embarrassing? students used the telescopes to determine "What planet is that?" A: Usually around high school Orientation Day. by using what they had learnt in class to verify which photos they were looking at across the grounds. Suggested action – Be a proud parent, walk in with your child and kiss them goodbye. GOOD LUCK! Mr Chris Apelt " Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning 2023 Year 8 Electives As we fast approach the conclusion of a very successful first year, we look forward to more of the same growth and excitement in 2023. There has been a slight shuffle to the previously communicated elective rotation for next year. Now on the program for one term each are the electives of Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Robotics and a combined half term each of Spanish and Drama. This gives students a broad taste of the majority of subjects on offer to choose from in Year 9, while continuing to meet the prescribed curriculum requirements for Year 7 & 8 students. Mrs Jeanette Refalo " Assistant Principal Mission While it is very understandable that students of secondary age are Keeping the 'Christ' in Christmas focused on careers, training and travel, some wise heads would advise We are just one week away from the beginning of Advent: the season that we also extoll the rewards of eventually becoming a parent. The we reflect, prepare and ready ourselves for the celebration of Christmas legion of "leaving it too late" couples is most unfortunate when so with the birth of Jesus Christ. many would be great parents in a society that needs young ones. I received the monthly news update from the Assistant Director Mission and felt this message was one that needed to be shared. We are all Quote Now and again bestow invited to take note and remind ourselves of this during the coming some praise. Christmas Season: Catherine McAuley Office Hours – Christmas Break Closed Monday 12 December to Wednesday 11 January Re-open 8:00am Thursday 12 January 2023 Whilst I like a good shop as much as the next person, and like to buy Date Claimers gifts for others, this advertisement really got my attention, and not, I suspect, in the way the marketers had intended. For many, Christmas Wednesday 30 November – Christmas Carols & Vinnies hamper has little connection to the Christ, but to actually swap the word "Christ" presentation out, for an advertising campaign, seemed shocking to me. I hope that our staff and students and their families experience a lot of Thursday 1 December – End of Year Mass / Student Water Activities fun, joy and excitement in the lead up to Christmas, and that they are (the College will be closed from 9:45 to 11:15am for staff to attend the reminded of what the Catholic faith tradition celebrates as the true Mass) meaning. Let's keep the Christ in Christmas! Friday 2 December – Awards Presentation / Last Day of Term students depart at 11:30am "Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel." Community News Isaiah 7:14 Term Dates 2023 Term Start Date Finish Date Weeks Term 1 Monday, Friday, 10 weeks Term 2 23 January 31 March 10 weeks Term 3 Monday, Friday, 10 weeks Term 4 17 April 23 June 9 weeks Monday, Friday, 10 July 15 September Tuesday, Friday, 3 October 1 December Mr Jim Ford " Principal Eight Billion Eight thousand million. That is a big number. It is the number the global population was projected to reach last week. Given the Australian population is only a shade over 26 million we are a very small player in the global growth phenomenon. The world made it to 7 billion the year most of our present Year 7's were born. Every ten to twelve years we add another billion. An interesting statistic in Australia is, there are more people over 65 years of age than there is youngsters of 5 years and under. Education, particularly of girls in any country is the single biggest factor in reduced birth rates and manageable population growth. A worldwide priority on access to quality education remains the greatest challenge in confronting poverty and managing over population. Unfortunately, many western countries are confronted by a drastically falling birth rate. In many cases much less than replacement (2.2 children/couple).
    Newsletter Term 4 Week 8 (2022)
  • Newsletter Term 4 Week 6 (2022) Issue 19 2022 NEWS Friday 11 November Mrs Jeanette Refalo " Assistant Principal Mission add up to approximately half the total number in our full-time defence Giving Thanks for Sacrifices Made forces. Today is Remembrance Day. On this day one hundred years ago, a convoy of ships from the Royal Australian Navy, New Zealand, Britain, Our Mackay unit is open to secondary students in all our Mackay schools. Most cadets join when in Year 7 or 8. The army, navy and air departed from Albany in cadets are a wonderful opportunity for students in our schools. While Western Australia carrying not for everyone, the cadets are an ideal precursor for a future career, 30,000 troops who would a great place to make new friends and an experience full of challenge become the first ANZACS, and adventure. bound for service in the Great War. At the eleventh It starts with turning up to the recruitment evening in February next hour of the eleventh day of year. the eleventh month in 1918 the signing of the Armistice marked the end of World War One. We also remember and give thanks for Catherine McAuley who was a visionary who challenged traditions and cultural beliefs of the time. We remember this day the day of her death in the evening of Thursday, November 11, 1841. Catherine died at the House of Mercy where she was surrounded by members of the Sisters of Mercy. Living and loving God, Big Ideas Challenge - Mrs Stacey Austin " Teacher Digital we thank and praise you for your living presence within each of us, Technologies and especially in our gathering to celebrate Wednesday saw 18 of our students attend the Big Ideas Challenge, and give thanks hosted by Mercy College Mackay. for the life of Catherine McAuley and the many Sisters of Mercy who have gone before us in faith. The Challenge was an opportunity for the students to learn We also remember and give thanks for entrepreneurial skills for the future. The Big Ideas Challenge was a fast- all those many men and women who paced and hands-on days of listening, learning, and doing. See what gave their lives for us in wars two of students attending thought: so that we today can enjoy a peaceful way of life. Jayda – The day was fun and interesting, we We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. AMEN. learnt how to solve problems in a short amount of time, to work with people we didn't know and Mr Jim Ford " Principal made new friends. A little bit of adventure "While other kids are at home playing on the Xbox, you cadets are Indi – It was an amazing day, we had to solve out in the real world learning skills and gaining experiences." problems from the real world like homelessness, we also learnt how to public speak by delivering a pitch about our Mayor Greg Williamson – address to assembled cadets 5.11.2022 problems' solution. Our Mackay Mayor, Mr Greg Williamson was the guest of honour at the passing out parade of the 122 Army Cadets unit last Saturday. Greg took the salute and spoke to the assembled cadets about his admiration for an organisation that does so much for young people but receives little recognition. An interesting statistic quoted by the mayor was that if you took all the numbers in Army, Navy and Air cadets, along with support staff, they 2023 Stationery List Guess who turned 40 this week Congratulations Mrs Vernalls on turning the BIG 40 Year 8 An Invitation from the Bishop STUDENT Pentecost 2023 Date Claimer: STATIONERY LIST Everyday Items writing pens (black, blue, red), highlighters x 6 colours, 30 cm ruler, eraser/whiteout tape, glue stick, scissors, coloured pencils, coloured felt pens, binder clips in-ear headphones 3.5mm jack Student Diary - issued by the College and payment added to school fees Chromebook, Calculator – already purchased Religious Education English A4 Exercise Book (96 A4 Exercise Books x4 (96 Pages) Pages) Display Folder (A4) Science Mathematics A4 Exercise Book (48 A4 Exercise Books x2 (96 Pages) Pages) Humanities Health & Physical A4 Exercise Books x2 (96 Education Pages) A4 Exercise book (48 Pages) Visual Arts Performing Arts A4 Visual Art Diary A4 Exercise Book (48 Pages) Languages Robotics A4 Exercise Book (48 A4 Exercise Book (48 Pages) Pages) Textbooks / Digital Textbooks All textbooks are hired out to students by the College. The hire charge is set at the same amount as the State Government Book Allowance for each year level. This allowance comes in the form of an annual cheque payable to the school. All lost books must be paid for and borrowing rights are suspended until payment is made. Quote "Put your whole confidence in God. He never will let you want necessaries for yourself or children." Catherine McAuley Date Claimers Friday 25 November – College Tour 7:30am. RSVP with numbers by Thursday 24 November Thursday 24 November - Year 6 Orientation Day Wednesday 30 November – Christmas Carols & Vinnies hamper presentation Thursday 1 December – End of Year Mass / Student Water Activities Friday 2 December – Awards Presentation / Last Day of Term students depart at 11:30am
    Newsletter Term 4 Week 6 (2022)
  • Newsletter Term 4 Week 4 (2022) NEW S INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PROGRAM Sharpen your Skills – Mrs Narelle Nash " Technology Assistant Food Technology students were privileged to have our very own Mr Lessons and ensembles are offered to students Paul Gibbs WHSO who is also a qualified chef, share some of his chef knowledge and show off his knife skills. Mr Gibbs took time out of his Please click on the link below for information regarding, and to enrol busy schedule to discuss the box of tricks he brought to class – a well- equipped box of extremely sharp knives. He spoke about the yourIschsilud ein 1th8e C2a0th2er2ine" MFcrAiudleayyCo2ll8egeOScpteociabliset rInstrumental importance of looking after your tools, how to clean and sharpen knives and how to safely carry them. Students were putting their Program for 2023. For queries, please contact the College to arrange newly learned skills to practice by the end of the lesson. a meeting or phone conversation with Miss Alex Lamb Head of Department – The Arts tyKIwgiadPV2nWymtS46dIdbyzYlII8S8A/viewform?usp=sf_link We let our feet do the talking Unicorns, hearts, fairies with wings and donut socks were donned by staff and students for a gold coin to support Catholic Mission on Crazy Sock Day, Wednesday 26 October. Buddy helps calm the nerves Our official school mascot, Buddy, was on hand to help calm the student's nerves while receiving their immunisations last week. Quote "It comforts me exceedingly to Date Claimers hear you are happy." Friday 4 November – College Tour 8:40am. RSVP with number by Thursday 3 November Catherine McAuley Wednesday 30 November – Combined College Carols 6:30pm at CMC Last Chance – to order your 2022 Year Book To order a copy of the CMC 2022 Year Book, please click on the link below. Orders to be finalised by Monday 31 October. Mr Chris Apelt " Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning Year 7 Awards Ceremony to close the year Reporting and Year 8 The format of our annual awards ceremony Students will have at least one final piece of assessment remaining for will no doubt change as we continue to each of their classes towards the end of this term. These will be used grow, but in this foundation year, we will as part of the determination of final semester results for Year 7. As enjoy the intimacy of a small group and the always, report cards will then be published during the week following pleasure of drawing our first year to a close the end of term. It is important that students maintain their high in an appropriate fashion. standards in class and at home and maintain their homework study routines right through until the start of December. We would be most pleased if we have many parents attend this important occasion to congratulate their children and join us in Reporting data will be used to inform some class combinations for celebrating the completion of our first year. year Eight. Every term, data is considered, and class combinations improved, based on the teacher feedback. In year Eight, families and "Awards at Catherine McAuley" students can expect the same process, however many class Date: Friday 2 December (last day of school) combinations will change significantly for the start of next year. The Time: 10:00am start six core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Health Venue: The Summer House (Gamma Block) (HPE) and Religion will be studied, along with one elective each term on a rotation, All parents are invited and need to be seated between 9:30 and as they were in year seven. These electives 10:00am. Students are to arrive as usual at 8:35am dressed in full will be Spanish, Robotics, Performing Arts formal uniform. Students will be dismissed at 11:30am into their & Visual Arts. The intention of the elective parental care and therefore leave on completion of the ceremony. rotation in year seven and eight, is to give all students a short experience in a range of Awards (multiple awards will be presented in the one folder) electives that they will then be able to select from in year nine. The selection process will include an information 1. Academic Excellence / Academic Encouragement evening for parents and students to attend as well as online 2. Studentship Excellence / Studentship Encouragement information that can be accessed at any time. This process will begin 3. Top of Subject awards in the middle of next year. 4. Cultural (Gold, Silver & Bronze) 5. Service Excellence / Service encouragement Mr Jim Ford " Principal 6. Sport (Gold, Silver & Bronze) Catherine McAuley College (Stage 2) 7. Junior Performer of the year Funding assistance for phase 2 of our College has just been received 8. Mercy Education Award (Special Award) in a letter of notification from our Bishop, Rev. Michael McCarthy. This 9. Principals Award (for improvement) much needed expansion of our student facilities is due to come into operation for the start of the 2024 school year. State Government Mrs Jeanette Refalo " Assistant Principal Mission support for facilities building in Catholic schools is much appreciated World Teachers Day given our near doubling of classroom and specialist facilities into our Almighty God, third year of operation. We come to you today and give thanks for our teachers. The total contribution of the State Government will be just over nine Thank you for the way in which they million dollars with Catholic Education taking loans of approximately give of themselves each day, four million to ensure project completion. Two new blocks will be Serving and supporting the next commissioned (Kappa and Theta) with a total of 14 classrooms, generation of this land. temporary library, and specialist technology facilities. Please click on Father, fill their hearts with courage. the below links for a virtual tour. Enjoy! Fill them with your strength, so they 1. may rise to every challenge and not grow weary. 2. Fill them with your wisdom, so that they may be able to make good judgement when guiding others. Fill them with your peace, so that when stress and anxiety comes it would not overwhelm them. Fill them with your joy, so that the passion they have for their subject may become an infectious passion that spreads. We ask all this in the name of Jesus. Amen. - Prayer from Lord's Prayer Words
    Newsletter Term 4 Week 4 (2022)
  • Newsletter Term 4 Week 2 (2022) NEWS Issue 17 2022 " Friday 14 October Puppies anyone? – Mrs Helen Patroni Mackay Animal Rescue Service visited Catherine McAuley College on Trivia at CMC Monday 10 October to collect the donations the students had collected last term. They were very grateful for our kind donation and will pass the much-needed items onto their volunteers. We were lucky to have 3 beautiful puppies and a kitten (available for adoption) visit our school for the students to cuddle at lunch time. Service Learning at CMC – Ms Michelle Crossland STEMPunks- Mrs Stacey Austin Wura House visited Chances Cafe as part of their service learning, they Twelve lucky Catherine McAuley College students participated in the delivered toiletry goody bags for those in need. Items for the bags Space 2101 Challenge, in Mackay over the school holidays. They were have been collected/donated over the previous school terms, thank fortunate to have astronaut, Commander Susan Kilrain in attendance. you for helping make this opportunity possible. Ella Portelli – "I loved the 3D designing, we had to invent a problem regarding space and design a solution for the problem with Tinkercad. I would give STEMPunks a 10/10." Date Claimers Mr Jim Ford " Principal true courage, Lessons in leadership from Ukraine. good Tuesday 18 October – Catherine's Café Closed Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky Friday 21 October – Year 7 Immunisations has demonstrated on the international judgement, stage true courage, good judgement, and insightful CMC Rugby League – Help wanted – Mrs Caroline Kerrisk and insightful leadership since the start of This year we were very lucky to have an experienced local player as the Russian invasion in February this year. leadership our coach, but sadly, due to new work commitments he is no longer He has out manoeuvred and able to take on the role for 2023. We have a great group of young conspicuously out communicated his men keen to pull on the CMC jersey again next year and continue to more powerful foe. In this there are develop our place in the school rugby league competition. We are learnings for all of us despite our less looking for people to join our team of coaching staff in 2023. dramatic circumstances. Please email or call 4994 9200 if President Zelensky from day one has communicated a clear and you would like to help us out. consistent message. An emphasis on unity and teamwork with a deep sense of true purpose. Social media has been utilised effectively with School Fees - Mr Jim Ford a broad appeal to all fair-minded people including ethnic Russians Please, Please, Please finalise fee accounts by Wednesday 26 October. living in Ukraine. On the international stage the President has cleverly As a rapidly growing College our finances are firm. We don't spend connected Ukraine's circumstances to tragedies other countries have money on any grand projects (Space experienced. 'Solidarity is in all our interests" ports, Hydro dams etc) just good lessons delivered by highly dedicated teachers. Journalist and Associate Editor Eric Johnson clearly identifies For all fee related queries please contact leadership aspects that are broadly relevant to any organisation. our Business Manager - Mrs Paula Bell by phone 4994 9200 or email Russia follows a centralised top-down leadership structure. The Ukraine has changed over to the NATO's mission control structure that emphasises decentralisation and decision making for the person on Year Book – Order Form the ground. All employees/personally know the overall strategy and To order a copy of the operational goal but responding to it is their responsibility. There are CMC 2022 Year Book, risks but the effectiveness of the individual and team is maximised. please click on the link below. Finally, Zelensky's lessons on effective leadership illustrate some basic truisms. Get involved and be conspicuous with the people doing the hard yards. Praise the efforts of those who contribute so much and Chris Apelt " Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning just keep communicating the purpose. Never tire of communicating Student led conferences (Parent teacher interviews) the purpose. Take place in Term 1 and Term 3. Your child's semester 2 2022 report will be available at the end of Term 4. Jeanette Refalo " Assistant Principal Mission eSafety However, we welcome requests for discussions with your teacher for A fact that all parents and follow up from reports or at any time during the year regarding your carers can relate to is that child's progress. their children's world is very Please feel free Contact your teacher by email or through the main different to the one you office. grew up in. Digital parenting can be challenging, and I am Quote sure you have heard tips for child online safety but here "I would like to tell you all the are some reminders: little cheering things that God Keep things open. Have an permits to fall in our way." 'open door' policy when devices are used in bedrooms and check Catherine McAuley in with them regularly or if possible, use technology in open spaces Stay engaged. Ask about their online experiences. Reinforce the importance of protecting their personal information and privacy. Equip them to use social media responsibly. Encourage them to think before they post, asking the questions: Who might see this? Could it be misread by others? Keep building their self-respect, empathy, and resilience. Help them understand online risks and what to do about them. Further information and support can be located at
    Newsletter Term 4 Week 2 (2022)
  • Newsletter Term 3 Week 10 (2022) NEWS Issue 16 2022 "Friday 16 September Mr Jim Ford " Principal Teachers are not Psychologists Click this link for Principal's article McAuley Week Celebrations Mr Chris Apelt " Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning Quote Looking to the future – What does year 8 hold "The adage "never too old to learn" is a Can you believe, we are now only great comfort to me." 9 school weeks from the end of Catherine McAuley year 7. The goal in year seven Minds are like parachutes - they has been to only function when open. familiarise Our Science classes have been busy students and designing, building and testing families with the parachutes, with the topic for the term ways of college being FORCES. This experiment life. How study and homework should happen, how to engage in certainly demonstrated forces of timetables and working with a number of different teachers. Rotation gravity and air resistance. Some through elective subjects and fluid class combinations in core subjects. parachutes flew tremendously, and some needed a little more design I thought it might be time to discuss what year eight has in store. Just tweaking. The experiments gave like year seven, next year students will study the six core subjects students an insight into the fact that (English, Maths, Science, Health & PE, Religion and Humanities) for the not all variables can be controlled, for entire year, with the same number of lessons per fortnight as they did example the wind. (frustration in 2022. They will also work through another elective rotation, one prevailed ). subject per term in each of Robotics, Spanish, Visual Arts and Employment Opportunity Performing Arts. All subjects will continue to build on skills learnt in 2022. The goal is to have students fully prepared for a rigorous senior Community Notices curriculum and external examinations, that many will experience come year eleven and twelve. How can parents help? Parents can continue to support their student and the College by keeping communications open with teachers, supporting students by frequently checking on timelines and taking an interest in what students are currently learning and asking them questions to clarify understanding. Do not accept "good" as the complete answer to "how was your day?" You can ask what they learnt in each subject on the timetable for that day. Students being able to paraphrase (put it in their own words to explain) is an important part of both the understanding and remembering processes, and a few simple questions from you, can really assist your student. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Catherine's Café is in need of more volunteers to assist in Term 4, can you help? Once a term, month, fortnight, week – or specific dates, I'm happy to work around your availability. Hours are generally 8:30am – 11:30am Tuesday – Friday. Join me for a social morning including a complimentary lunch for yourself. Please contact Mrs Frances Deguara at to volunteer or make any enquiries. Date Claimers Tuesday 4 October Scholl resumes Term 4 Friday 21 October Year 7 Immunisations
    Newsletter Term 3 Week 10 (2022)
  • Newsletter Term 3 Week 8 (2022) NEWS Issue 15 2022 "Thursday 1 September Mr Jim Ford " Principal Who are the hungry in our community? Going on Holiday?? What can our ministry do to bless and transform the world? Family holidays for more extended periods often are dovetailed into the term break. While this makes sense in term of family logistics and God of Abundance, expense, it can play havoc with the students' assessments and May we be ever attentive to the hunger which surrounds us: learning. If such holiday arrangements are unavoidable then please Hunger for food and nutrition among those living in poverty, notify the college as early as possible. Teachers can often help by having conversations about work with your child. Famine or social upheaval Hunger for attention in those living with loneliness and heartbreak Please be aware that absence on an exam day or when assignment is Hunger for justice in the marginalised, victimised and downtrodden due, requires a written note/email from a parent explaining the situation, on or prior to the day. Hunger for meaning, for hope, for forgiveness, for love… May we find ways to help those who hunger And become solution builders for a fairer world. Amen Mrs Jeanette Refalo " Assistant Principal Mission Mr Chris Apelt " Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning Feed The Hungry Assessment Feeding the hungry seems a straightforward process: if people are It is that time of term where all subjects are building towards hungry, we provide food. However, if we move beyond the literal assessment. Parents can identify key dates by looking on Parent consideration of hunger, we see that there Lounge and support their child by monitoring their time management are many types of hunger in the human choices and check regularly regarding their progress. If students feel experience. People are hungry for they are behind with work, the Mastery Learning team offer lunch meaning, for kindness, for justice, for time and before school sessions, in Beta block, where they can access companionship, for peace and an end to additional support. suffering in its many forms. The gospel call to feed the hungry is a call to attentiveness I would like to take this opportunity to remind to the needs within our own communities; families of a few key aspects of the assessment a call to respond with kindness and policy. Attendance each day is very compassion. (Mercy Partners) important. If a student is away on a due date, it is the responsibility of the student/parent to CONTACT US contact the teacher via email to notify of the Phone: 07 4994 9200 Main Office absence and provide supporting medical Email: information where applicable. Failure to Website: contact the teacher on a due date, may result in a "non-rate" for the Facebook – assessment piece. If the absence is known prior to the due date, notice must be provided to the teacher well prior, for an alternate assessment time to be negotiated if applicable. Interim report cards will be published on Parent Lounge and Student Café in the first week of the holidays. These will show progress results for achievement as well as Term 3 effort and behaviour results. No student-led conferences will be offered next term, however if parents wish, contact can still be made at any time with any teacher via Instrumental Music Program 2023 – Miss Alex Burrie – The Arts email. Teachers can be emailed through Parent Lounge. CMC Board College Boards play an important role in Catholic Education's schools and colleges. Our Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month. The aim is to ensure our college is Catholic in character, focused on education and creates a supportive environment for students and staff. We thank our current College Board members for their commitment to our students and their support of our mission. Photo " Current CMC Board Members: L-R Andrea Pembroke, Jim Ford, Jodie Please click on the link below for information regarding, or to enroll Benfer, Karlie Tatchell, Matthew Cole, Katherine Parrish, Jeanette Refalo. Absent your student in the Catherine McAuley College Specialist Instrumental at time of photo: Helen Patroni Program for 2023. tyKIwgiadPV2nWymtS46dIdbyzYlII8S8A/viewform?usp=sf_link Staff Dinner We welcomed new staff members commencing in 2023 at Catherine McAuley College with a dinner on Saturday night. A good time was had by all with great food and conversation which has us all looking forward to next year. Date Claimers Wednesday 7 September Board Meeting (in place of 14 Sept) Wednesday 14 September McAuley Week Celebration Showcase 5:30pm Friday 16 September McAuley Week Celebration: Mass at St Mary's Church 9:00am then onto Bucasia Beach, return to CMC 2:30pm The Change Makers – Mrs Helen Patroni – Group Leader Quote The Change Maker Group has been collecting donations to support MARS - Mackay Animal Rescue Society. MARS helps the community "Try to meet all with peace and ease." by rehoming pets and educating people about the importance of desexing. We would love each student to bring to their PC class, a Catherine McAuley small donation. The following donations would be appreciated; Book Week – Lexi Bartholomew – Library Manager Puppy pads, Kitty litter - Breeders Choice and Kitchen and Bathroom, Last Friday saw heroes and villains, characters from books, movies, Optimum kitten and puppy biscuits, games, comics, fairy tales and even a few historical figures. The Friskies kitten biscuits, Pedigree puppy competition was fierce, and it was not easy to pick the winners. wet food, Felix kitten wet food, Fancy Feast kitten wet food, Dine kitten wet Costumes were judged on: food, Supercoat puppy and adult Authenticity: how true the costume was to the source material biscuits. Effort: how much time and creativity were put into making your costume MARS will visit early next term to receive Imagination/Originality: How unique and interesting is your costume the donations and may even bring in Enthusiasm: you wore your costume with positive energy and a spirit some small animals for the students to of fun. see. Our winners had all or most of these qualities in their costumes. Honorable mentions Samuel Parrish – The golden ticket, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Kansas Mejiele – Artemis, Trials of Apollo Corban Gorrie & Jesse Finn – Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, Breaking Bad Winners Best Pairs or Group Costume – Ruby Galletly-Hope and Llandyn Dargin as Marie Antionette and King Louis XVI Best Costume – Indiana Strong as Effie Trinket (Hunger Games)
    Newsletter Term 3 Week 8 (2022)
  • Newsletter Term 3 Week 6 (2022) NEWS Issue 14 2022 " Friday 19 August Mr Jim Ford " Principal Our Sincere thanks to the busy people who donated their time to CMC Science Week Panel students A message to my 12-year-old self, "Don't overstress, be kind and be a true friend. Take school seriously but have fun." Samantha Caporn – Business Owner " Hair 'n' Beauty @ Sam's and Natural Bliss Beauty Products by Sam Advice from the panel of young professional workers sharing their personal stories and the impact of science on what they do. Peter Ford – Director of Pharmacy " Mackay Base Hospital Dr Laura Crowley – Veterinarian " Stabler Howlett Veterinary Surgery Dan Crossland – Fitter and Turner-Service Engineer " Nepean Longwall Felicity Chun – Consultant-Environment and Planning " Aurecon Jeanette Refalo " Assistant Principal Mission Wellbeing – Safe on Social During a recent Parent Forum, special guest Sergeant Nigel Dalton (DCPC Crime Prevention – Mackay Police QPS) spoke about 'getting it right on Cyber safety'. Below is a link to the recording of that talk and a link to a 'Safe on Social' article that may be of interest. Why Parents Are Deleting Photos of Their Kids Invited to Share As a college founded in the Mercy tradition, we are called to live the Corporal Works of Mercy. The Corporal Works of Mercy invite us to share in God's mission in our world; a mission of compassion, love, protection and honouring of the dignity of the human person. As sourced from Mercy Partners, I will share (each fortnight), an overview of each of the Corporal Works of Mercy which include Feed the hungry, Give drink to the thirsty, Clothe the naked, Welcome the stranger, Visit the imprisoned, Visit the sick, Bury the dead, Care for our common home. The Corporal Works are derived from the Gospels, especially Matthew 25:40, where Jesus reminds us that whatever we do for people who are in most need, we do it to him. Indeed, Jesus' life and teachings clearly guide us in living the mercy of God: reaching out to the poor, Walking with the lonely and suffering, being present to the marginalised and vulnerable. CONTACT US Phone: 07 4994 9200 Main Office Email: Website: Facebook – Who to contact for a student absence/early departure/late arrival MDSS Athletics Trials – Mrs Caroline Kerrisk – Sports Coordinator In the event of student absence, early departure, or late arrival, please Last week, 18 of our students represented Catherine McAuley College communicate with the College via the following: at the MDSS athletics carnival. As with previous sporting events this Absentee line: 4994 9201 year, our students represented the school with exemplary Absentee email: sportsmanship. Congratulations to the following students on their Parent Lounge: selection in the Mackay Track & Field team. The trio will next compete Office: 4994 9200 at the Capricornia Trials at the end of this month. Ruby – Long Jump, Corban – 100m, and Riley – Javelin National Science Week. – 'Glass – More than meets the eye': - Mrs Narelle Nash – Teacher Assistant Nation Science Week at CMC was celebrated with: A school wide glass related quiz, Congratulations Cayden who "out quizzed' everyone else to win the competition. An escape room "Breaking glass news", well done to the super team of April, Scarlett, and Indiana for completing the most questions Ice cream making in a bag lunch time activity – a big hit Guest speakers from various industries – very interesting "Through the looking glass", lunch time activity with microscopes, telescope and handheld lenses. Secondary Schools Surf League – Ms Kate Rackham- Teacher Last Friday a team of Catherine McAuley College students participated in the Secondary School Surf League Competition at Mackay Harbour Beach. Blessed with glorious weather and 12 keen competitors, our school took part in all seven events including the surf race, board race, iron person, cameron relay, beach flags, beach sprints and beach relay. A terrific day was had by all, and Catherine McAuley College were awarded 3rd place overall – a wonderful achievement for our first time competing at the event. We look forward to doing it all again next year and growing our surf league team! Quote Date Claimers Friday 2 September – Pupil Free Day Do not fear offending anyone. Speak as your Wednesday 14 September – McAuley Week School Play and Concert mind directs and always act with more 5:30pm courage when the "mammon of Friday 16 September – McAuley Week Celebrations Bucasia Beach unrighteousness" is in question. Book Week Catherine McAuley Master Builders Mackay & Whitsunday Housing and Construction Awards The McInnes Wilson Lawyers Project of the Year was won by Woollam Constructions for the refurbished and new construction at Catherine McAuley College Mackay. Photos sourced from the Daily Mercury Mackay. Community Notices Position Vacant
    Newsletter Term 3 Week 6 (2022)
  • Newsletter Term 3 Week 4 (2022) NEWS Issue 13 2022 " Friday 5 August Mr Jim Ford " Principal Jeanette Refalo " Assistant Principal Mission "Christian principles remain the bedrock of our public Nutrition and wellbeing are linked philosophy".(Nick Cater, 2022) Healthy eating helps young people cope more effectively with stress, to better manage their emotions and to get a good night Last week, Labor Senator Sue Lines's moved to abolish the 100+ year sleep – all of which assist learning. old tradition of commencing the Senate proceedings with the Lord's Prayer. Acknowledgement of Country was also introduced twelve We know that good nutrition is years ago. Both traditions insist on humility, a perspective outside of associated with better mental health self and service to others. The Lord's Prayer used to be uttered in many outcomes, whereas a poor diet is linked public institutions to start their day. Not so anymore. with a greater risk of depression and anxiety. According to research findings, Our atheist politicians are anxious to tear down and give nothing of there is a relationship between worth back. They believe in multiple causes. But as the unhealthy diets and poorer mental philosopher/poet G.K Chesterton insightfully remarked "When health outcomes for young people. people stop believing in God they start believing in anything". Poor nutrition has been associated with: At Catherine McAuley College we will continue to say the Lord's externalising behaviour (such as hyperactivity, aggression, Prayer. disobedience) Our Father symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder who art in heaven, poor concentration and tiredness, which interfere with learning hallowed be thy name. the immune system function, which is also linked to mental Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done health on earth, as it is in heaven. delayed brain development – high-fat, high-sugar diets can Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, affect proteins in the body that are important for brain as we forgive those who trespass against us, development and lead us not into temptation, iron deficiency, which has been linked to cognitive function but deliver us from evil. impairments associated with learning and memory nutrient deficiencies, which have been associated with mental Amen. health conditions including depression and anxiety (we know that fruits and vegetables, grains, fish, lean red meats and olive oils are rich in important nutrients such as folate, magnesium, vitamins and zinc which all impact on body and brain functions, including mood regulation). The good news is that improving what young people eat can lead to improvements in mental health and wellbeing, so it is never too late to encourage healthier eating patterns. Source: Be You: wellbeing/nutrition-and-mental-health CONTACT US Phone: 07 4994 9200 Main Office Email: Website: Facebook – The Catholic Education - Diocese of Rockhampton website Chris Apelt " Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning Fast 4 Touch Football – Mrs Caroline Kerrisk Student Led Conferences It was a beautiful day for our teams at the Fast 4 Touch Football Student-Led Conferencing is complete for 2022, with another competition last Friday. The CMC Emus, Bandicoots, Termites and productive night completed last Thursday. Thank you to those Wombats all improved during the day with excellent sportsmanship parents and students who participated in the evening. No further throughout the carnival, and the award of winning the 'Longest Flick interview evenings will be organised in 2022, however parents wishing Pass' for the U13 girls went to CMC student Gisella Tonnelli. to discuss anything with teachers are, as always, encouraged to either phone or email individual teachers as required. Students will receive another interim report card during the semester break, giving a progress report on their work completed in term 3, before a Semester 2 report card is completed at the conclusion of the year. Catholic Education Week Rock Pop Mime – Miss Alex Burrie CMC's Dance Team hit the stage performing at the Lion's Rock Pop Mime for the very first-time last Saturday night. Our performance entitled The Impact of Technology, highlighted the pros and cons of technology on today's generation of adolescents in an upbeat and thought-provoking mashup of dance, drama, slam poetry and epic dance moves! The students were fantastic and received excellent feedback from fellow performers and audience. (Thank you Miss Burrie for all your organisation - from the Dance team students ) Rugby Union Representative Garden Party 2022 Vinnie Brown recently represented the Capricornia St Anne's Garden Party region at the school State More tickets have been released for the St Anne's Garden Rugby Carnival held in Party. This is a great day out and is a LADIES 18+ event Rockhampton. The team played only. Get your tickets for a day of great food, music and well and improved with each fun. game placing 7th overall. Garden Party Ticket Link - or scan the QR CODE Raffle Link or scan the QR code Catherine's Café We are seeking volunteers for the Café. Hours required 8.30 to 11.30am. If you can spare time to help, please contact Mrs Francis Deguara Date Claimers Friday 2 September – Pupil Free Day Quote We must try to be like those rivers which enter into the sea without losing any of the sweetness of the water. Catherine McAuley Community Notices
    Newsletter Term 3 Week 4 (2022)
  • Newsletter Term 3 Week 2 (2022) NEWS Issue 12 2022 " Friday 22 July Mr Jim Ford " Principal Jeanette Refalo " Assistant Principal Mission Wellbeing and Leadership Catholic Education Week will be celebrated next week. This annual For far too long, student leadership in schools has been about the few, event is held to promote the special ethos of Catholic schools and to with greater than 90% of students placidly watching on. This is highlight the great things that take place in Catholic schools every day. changing. The personal qualities to lead one's own life and make a Catholic education strives to make a difference in the lives of those in difference are open to every student. our schools and in the wider community by challenging young people to live out the message of Jesus and to reach their full potential as This week in PC Class, we launched our training program designed to compassionate, contributing, life-giving members of society. develop in every student the qualities of character that complement their academic studies. To celebrate the special ethos of Catholic Schools our College is planning the following student events: All students will be working through an introductory course on 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.' With contexts appropriate to Bring Hope to others student fundraiser lunch - Monday 25 July adolescents, the 'inner and outer victory' will present our students with Semester 1 Studentship Awards Parent Assembly & Morning Tea a challenge that can be truly transformative. - Monday 25 July, 11.40am Student Staff Lunchtime Netball Game – Tuesday 26 July Details on the program, and why this would be of value to parents and We look forward to celebrating as a community of 'Faith, Hope & students alike, will be the topic of a parent zoom forum later this term. Love' Many parents will remember the internationally famous Henry Kissinger (Nobel Peace Prize awardee). In a recently released book he had the following to say about leadership; The truth is that "leadership is "Safe on Social" is an organisation indispensable: decisions must that provides information and articles be made, trust earned, on social media use. Below are links to promises kept, a way forward two valuable articles, written by proposed". The task of the teenagers, that I believe would be leader being "to help people useful to assist in keeping your child reach from where they are to safe online. where they have never been". There are two vital attributes in What is Sendit? - Snapchat's Questionable Add-On App – leadership –"courage & character". written by Gwyneth – a 17-year-old from Wollongong. Our college values are 'Learning, Courage, Faith & Mercy'. Given Faith A response to the AFP articles in the press about the rise in & Mercy define the character of our college, the values we espouse sexploitation – written by Lenny – an 18-year-old from Byron Bay. are all about the qualities of personal leadership. CMC students deserve nothing less. CONTACT US Phone: 07 4994 9200 Main Office Email: Website: Facebook – The Catholic Education - Diocese of Rockhampton website Let's Go The Mighty Maroons Free dress day was held for the State of Origin game with funds raised going towards the Vinnie's Winter Appeal. Of course Queensland won on the night to take the series win. Unfortunately the outcome was a great disappointment to some of our Blues supporting teachers. Chris Apelt " Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning Assessment Calendars Students and parents should now be able to view an assessment calendar on Student Café & Parent Lounge for this term. It is designed to communicate important upcoming assessment dates to all students and parents and is now operational. Please use these dates when prioritising work and communicating with others. As the school matures, more and more information will populate in the various sections, but for this year, start, draft and due dates are of primary focus. Subject support The Mastery of Learning Centre (Beta Block) is open every lunch hour to help students with subjects they may require a little assistance with, no appointments required. Master of the Mountain One of our students – Danny Albert recently participated in the mountain bike Rocky Trials Schools Day at Rowallan Park. Danny had a great time and performed well. Whitsunday Voices Date Claimers Last Friday, we went to the Whitsunday Voices Literature Festival, which gave an opportunity for students (and staff) to As part of Catholic Education Week, the next School listen to, meet and interact with published authors and Tour will be Friday 29 July, 9:00am. RSVP required understand the methodology of story writing and how to or 4994 9200. engage with your audience in written form. As literacy is an important part of the school curriculum in all areas, this was a Community Notice valuable learning experience for all students to listen to experienced writers to gain knowledge and insight into the craft of successful narrative writing. Employment Opportunity An exciting opportunity exists to join the team at Catherine McAuley College Mackay in the following positions commencing 2023. Visit our website and apply today! Teachers (English/Humanities) - Teacher Assistants – Applications close Friday, 29 July 2022. #BeTheDifference #opportunity #careers #CareersInEducation What is it - The NMA Team Challenge is a series of modified events where athletes Pair up to form teams of 2 and compete in a series of Track and Field events. Teams in a field event compete individually, however their best result is combined with their teammates to obtain a cumulative best result. Where - Mackay Aquatics & Recreational Complex Ooralea, Mackay When - Sunday 31st July 20 2 2 Nominate - To nominate, please visit: (close 24 July) More Information – Anthony Porter 0439 173 808 Quote The Lord and Master of our House and Home is a faithful Provider. Let us never desire more than enough – He will give that and a blessing.. Catherine McAuley
    Newsletter Term 3 Week 2 (2022)
  • Newsletter Term 2 Week 10 (2022) NEWS Issue 11 2022 " Friday 24 June Jeanette Refalo " Assistant Principal Mission Mr Jim Ford " Principal Quote: Goodness toward Others Learning begins on the first day of life – and not the first day of class The assembly prayer this As God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with Sourced from: Scientific American June 2022 week focused on St. Paul's compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience. Bear with Sports Carnival – Why bother? letter to the Colossians one another and, if anyone has a In the justifiable push to maximise learning time, some schools have complaint against another, forgive decided sports carnivals are a thing of the past. In a general trend of (3:12-17) each other; just as the Lord] has less physical activity and more screen time, the health consequences forgiven you, so you also must are a post-school problem. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind is still a vital o There is nothing holy in forgive. Above all, clothe yourselves objective. Kids running around and being competitive at a sports with love, which binds everything carnival is all part of the plan. pointing out the together in perfect harmony. And let the peace of Christ rule in your weaknesses of others. hearts, to which indeed you were called in the one body. And be o There is in fact only the thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly; teach and admission of the jealousy admonish one another in all wisdom; and with gratitude in your that eats away at us. This scripture is clear about the relationship between goodness in ourselves and our goodness towards others. Students were invited to go hearts sing psalms, hymns, and into their day caring for each spiritual songs to God. other. I hope you enjoy goodness throughout the Holidays. Chris Apelt " Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning Reporting and Semester 2 Timetables School Reports will be released to parents via Parent Lounge early in the holidays and will detail how students have performed in Semester 1 (first half of the year). An opportunity to discuss these results will be provided at Student Led Conferencing in Week 3 of Term 3. Appointments for Student Led Conferencing can be made via Parent Lounge from Friday 15 July. As part of the normal timetabling process of high school, student timetables will be adjusted for Semester 2. Students will be given their new timetable on Day 1 Term 3, which will include their next elective subject as well as possible changes in some core subjects. Note: each student will have least one change in their timetable for Semester 2. CONTACT US Phone: 07 4994 9200 Main Office Email: Website: Facebook – The Catholic Education - Diocese of Rockhampton website Kristy Flor " College Counsellor Simple ways to help lift your child's self-esteem One of the greatest gifts that you can give your child is a positive sense of self. Children with high self-esteem grow into happy and confident people. Building your child's confidence is not a hard task, in fact, you will probably find you are already doing a great deal to help your child feel comfortable and happy within themselves. 1. Think positive Most of how a child sees themselves is developed through how they feel others see them. Do you have a positive or negative image of your child? Do you appear to enjoy spending time with them and value their opinion? How you talk to your child and involve them in your life plays a large role in how they feel about themselves. If you are always too busy to spend time with them or only pointing out what they do wrong, they will not feel valued and be unable to identify in themselves when they do something right. Focusing more on what they are doing well will encourage them to try harder and increase their self-worth. 2. Spend time with them By spending time with your children, you are letting them know they are valuable and worthy of your time. As a parent myself I understand that time is very limited. The time spent with your children does not necessarily have to be large amounts of time, but quality time. Letting the child choose the activity will increase their self-worth and improve their ability to make choices as they grow. Forgetting about all those grown-up things we need to do and focusing on our children can also be very relaxing. 3. Give your children responsibilities Giving your children age- appropriate jobs around the house increases their feelings of competence and helps them feel valued within the family. Also, encourage your children to do things for themselves. The more they are introduced to new challenges, the greater their ability to problem solve. You do not have to do everything for your child, even if it is quicker. 4. Be involved in their school life By taking an interest in what happens at school during the day will help to show support and encourage good behaviour and effort throughout their schooling. Even the simple task of helping with homework shows your child that you care about their schooling, no matter how difficult a task this may be. Becoming involved in the school community by supporting school events is a great way to create a good relationship between school and home. This relationship will help the child feel more confident in school. If you would like to discuss this further or have any concerns regarding your child and their confidence, feel free to contact the school counsellor at the school, or through email on Alex Burrie " Head of Department – The Arts Cast The Net Qld Incorporated Congratulations Presents To the Glee Club on their performance at the Mackay Show. Their first public performance was sensational, Glee Club performers, you should be very proud of how well you have represented Catherine McAuley College. Catch them next at the Mackay Eisteddfod Quote This contemporary Indigenous dance story is inspired by the late Eddie Koiki Mabo and colleagues. Celebrating 30 years of the Mabo Case May He grant you every grace and blessing and the creation of the Torres Strait Island Flag by Bernard Namok and make you one of His dearest and best and is Directed by Patrick Thaiday beloved. VENUE: Mackay Northern Beaches State High School Performing Catherine McAuley Arts Centre Date Claimers WHERE: 30 Rosewood Drive Rural View QLD 4740, The next College Tour will be held early in Term 3. Please register WHEN: Monday 4th July Opening Night: 6:30pm in advance. Wednesday 6th July matinee: 2:30pm (Show duration: 40mins) Community Notice COST: GOLD COIN Donation What is it - The NMA Team Challenge is a series of modified events To Book, please visit: where athletes Pair up to form teams of 2 and compete in a series of Cast The Net QLD Incorporated Facebook Track and Field events. Teams in a field event compete individually, Or email however their best result is combined with their teammates to obtain Or contact Patrick 0436328640 a cumulative best result. Where - Mackay Aquatics & Recreational We would like to Acknowledge and Pay our Respects to the Traditional Complex Ooralea, Mackay Owners of the Land and Sea on which we live and their Custodians both When - Sunday 31st July 20 2 2 Past, Present & Emerging. Nominate - To nominate, please visit: More Information – Anthony Porter 0439 173 808
    Newsletter Term 2 Week 10 (2022)
  • Newsletter Term 2 Week 8 (2022) NEWS Issue 10 2022 " Friday 10 June Mr Jim Ford " Principal 2022 Year 7 Camp – Very tiring but good for me! Gate Security It started with a bush walk at Cape Hillsborough. It extended into Please be aware all gates with the exception for maintenance vehicles making damper, looking at the stars, games and trivia. We had a (off Nebo Road) will be secured at 8:45am to 2:45pm. If you need a perfect day on the reef and finished with a hike at Shute Harbour. late drop-off or early pick-up, please use the front car park off Nebo Road. Administration entrance Alpha block is open until 4:00pm These provisions are to boost security and minimise the potential for members of the public to casually wander through the grounds. Winter Uniform Includes long grey College dress pants for the girls and long grey trousers for the boys. College knitted pullover is the acceptable attire for the formal uniform. NOTE: College Track Jackets are still on order. Please be aware that this item is only intended for sportswear. In other words, only for use when students are in Sports uniform. Plain black stockings (sheer or thick) can be worn under the formal skirt or dress (not leggings or tights) CONTACT US Phone: 07 4994 9200 Main Office Email: Website: Facebook – The Catholic Education - Diocese of Rockhampton website Jeanette Refalo " Assistant Principal Mission for this term, using the A to E scale. Finally, for all subjects, students "Around the Table" Recipe Book will receive a result for their effort (application to the subject) and Just over 12 years ago I travelled to Malta and Italy with my family. It behaviour in each class. was an opportunity for our children to experience the culture of their ancestors and develop a deeper understanding of their heritage. Students, parents and teachers will then be given an opportunity to What were we mostly looking forward to, my teenage daughter discuss these results and their goals for Semester 2, in another round responded with "Mum it's all about the food". of student led conferences, scheduled for Thursday 28 July (week 3) between 3:30pm and 6:30pm. Bookings for these will become Food is needed for survival and nourishment. However, it is so much available early next term. more than that. Jesus often used meals to engage with people and teach important lessons. Food offers a way to stay connected; to Kate Rackham " Art Club Coordinator gather and celebrate; learn about cultures and provides comfort. Food Can you help? is about community. Our CMC Art Club students will be entering the Mercy Foundation Youth 2022 Awards. To create our works of art for this competition we As we embark on the Catherine McAuley College recipe book, we are require some help from our parents and friends with collection of the inviting all foundation families and staff to share in the creation and following items: launch of the "Around the Table" recipe book. 1. Lids of plastic bottles (milk bottle lids, bottles of water lids, soft Please kindly share your family favourite recipe by providing the recipe drink bottle lids, etc). Ideally, I would like lots of different colours. name, ingredients and method, and indicate your preferred recipe category (see below for categories) on a word document, then email 2. Sprite plastic bottles (600mL, 1.5L and 2L). to 3. Harpic toilet cleaner bottles (or any other brand that is the same Around the World in Tasty Ways shape bottle as Harpic). Let's Celebrate Super Salad Me If you can help, please drop any collected items to student reception Tried and Tested by Friday 15 July. Thank you Nourish Me Different but not so Different (GF, DF, V etc.) Quote Sugar, Sweet Sweet Sugar This recipe book will be available for purchase and will make a The most acceptable return a benefactor can receive from those on whom wonderful keepsake or gift for your loved ones. An order form will be he bestows favours, is a countenance testifying the gratitude of the heart. sent home in due course. How acceptable it must be to God when we make Him this return, showing to all, by a cheerful, happy countenance, the gratitude with which our hearts Chris Apelt " Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning overflow towards Him for His many favours in this life, and His great Reporting promises for the life to come Students are in the middle of the final preparation and assessment phase for Semester 1 reporting. Reports will be published over the Catherine McAuley holidays and give an academic result between A+ and E- for all core subjects (Maths, English, Science, Humanities, HPE & Religion). In Karlie Tatchell " Netball Head Coach addition, students will receive a result for PC class and their elective Kappa team makes the Semi-finals While we did not come home with the cookies we won in so many other areas. Pride and the spirit of teamwork was alive and well. It was such an exciting game to watch, yet a little nerve racking for the coach! Thank you to parents who came down to support and staff who cheered us on. Thank to you Holy Spirit College for agreeing to postpone the initial game to allow the girls to play. And a huge thankyou to the girls from Omega who filled in. For our first year to make the semi-finals is a massive boost to our confidence – watch this space! Date Claimers Glee Club performance – Mackay Show, Thursday 16 June 10:00am Show Day Holiday Thursday 16 June CMC Athletics Carnival Friday 24 June Next College Tour will be held early in Term 3. Please register in advance. Tutoring Mathematics tutoring is held each Monday afternoon from 3:00pm to 4:00pm in the College Library.
    Newsletter Term 2 Week 8 (2022)
  • Newsletter Term 2 Week 6 (2022) NEWS Issue 9 2022 " Friday 27 May Mr Jim Ford " Principal A very special day for staff, students and the Mackay community. Catherine McAuley College officially comes into being and so many special guests and parents were there to help us celebrate. Reverend Bishop Michael McCarthy DD, Mrs Julianne Gilbert (MLA) and Diocesan Director Miss Leesa Jeffcoat all delivered inspirational addresses as part of the opening. Most importantly to finish proceedings there was cake! CONTACT US Phone: 07 4994 9200 Main Office Email: Website: Facebook – The Catholic Education - Diocese of Rockhampton website Mr Christopher Apelt " Assistant Principal NAPLAN 2022 has now been completed and all students participating in the test were completed well prior to the closure of the testing window last Friday. The College is very pleased with the participation rate, with 92% of students participating in the scheduled national testing. Results will be released in the coming months and the college will provide updates closer to the time. Mrs Jeanette Refalo " Assistant Principal Advise from Catholic Education Office Regarding - CLOSE CONTACT QUARANTINE REQUIREMENTS Further clarification of the quarantine requirements for close contacts has been provided by Queensland Health Close contacts with symptoms must stay at home and get tested as soon as possible Close contacts without symptoms may return to school providing they: Notify the school before returning Wear a mask, for 7 full days after the case's test date (unless qualifying for an exemption) Conduct testing on day 0, 2, 4 and 6 and receive negative results. - 2 – Close contacts who are cleared cases (have had COVID in the last 12 weeks) who wish to attend school are required to be symptom free and follow the above conditions, except for the testing requirement. Current Queensland Health advice is that testing is not required for a cleared case. Quote We can never say "it is enough" Catherine McAuley
    Newsletter Term 2 Week 6 (2022)
  • Newsletter Term 2 Week 4 (2022) NEWS Issue 8 2022 " Friday 13 May Mr Jim Ford " Principal Catholic Education, Miss Leesa Jeffcoat and Mrs Julianne Gilbert MP Member for Mackay will officially open our College. The ceremony will Quote conclude around 10:30am with morning tea provided. Parents are most welcome to attend and should RSVP by phone or emailing the God does not look at the action but at the College office by Friday 20 May (4994 9200 or spirit motivating it, and he will judge and reward us accordingly. Please park in the Field St car park and be seated by 8:45am. Looking Catherine McAuley forward to seeing you on this important occasion. Stymie Camp update – Getting organised Time to start getting things together for "Getting Serious About" College camp (Monday 30 May to Friday anti-bullying (online facility for 3 June). Advice on necessary items to bring, permission slip and medical students to report concerns) update form will be sent home on Monday with your child. It would be Message from Stymie developers: appreciated if you could assist in checking off the necessary items ready to Hi! Welcome to Stymie, it's really great to be a part of the Catherine pack. Students dressed in casual clothing will bring their bags to McAuley College community! So, what is Stymie? Stymie is an old- school on the morning of Monday 30 May. Looking forward to an fashioned word that means to stop or thwart. Stymie is an online, enjoyable week. confidential messaging service for anyone who is needing help or NOTE: As very few students are NOT attending camp, an at school concerned about someone else. Stymie provides a proactive program will not be running during camp week. Supervision only for opportunity for student to say something about harmful behaviours extenuating circumstances, please notify the school the week prior. or anything they are concerned about for themselves, or someone else. It works, because it is accessible 24/7, anonymous, easy to use Winter chill – Jackets in July and messages are typically delivered in a few seconds to approved Please note: Our uniform supplier has notification recipients. been in touch to apologise for a more extended delay on College Jackets. Mayor Greg Williamson – Making time for Catholic Education Arrival has been put back to late July. In Greg turned up for a private tour of the meantime, please be advised that the College facilities. He spoke to there is a good supply of College students in class, staff in corridors and jumpers. They are warm, not prickly and spoke freely of his joy at seeing the compliment the uniform. Sugar Research Institute repurposed. Thank you, Greg (always a pleasure), Blessing and Opening of CMC – Parents Invited An important day for Catherine McAuley College is Friday 27 May. Starting at 9:00am in the College covered area (Gamma Block) our Bishop, Reverend Michael McCarthy, the Diocesan Director for CONTACT US Phone: 07 4994 9200 Main Office Email: Website: Facebook – The Catholic Education - Diocese of Rockhampton website Futures Planning – Who fore-saw Covid-19? Michelle Crossland " Head of Department English I recently attended the 2022 state Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – Debating Success conference of Catholic Secondary Two for two at Principals. The theme – "Embracing the this week's Future – A Catholic Education Perspective". debating The conference very much lived up to the competition! theme. Special guest presenters included CMC Blue and Dr. Lee-Anne Perry (Executive Director – CMC Green QCEC), Professor Helen Bartlett (Sunshine Dr Lee-Anne Perry both came out Coast Uni), Professor Sohail Inayatullah on top in their (Futures theory and disruptions), Ms Sophie Renton (Generation respective alpha) and Dr Neil Carrington (Business leader). The message-: An debates on the organisation that keeps learning adapts to an uncertain future. topic 'The Parent Forum and College Tours government Parent Forum (Via Zoom). Post questions into the chat room. Friday – 9:00am Week 5 - Topic - Stymie spends too much money on space exploration'. Eloquent speeches, Link sent out the day before via email. strong rebuttals and passionate arguments helped the teams step on Tours of Catherine McAuley College with Q & A Friday – 9:00am Week 10 (tentative see future newsletter) to the winner's podium with a well-deserved win. Book on the website and arrive in the front foyer by 8:55am Karlie Tatchell " Regional Indigenous Education Liaison Officer National Reconciliation Week is held between 27 May - 3 June each year and highlights important Cultural significant dates namely the 1967 Referendum and Mabo Day. This year's theme of Be Brave Make a Change creates an opportunity to understand and share our Cultures so that we can move forward respectfully with reconciliation in our hearts, mind and actions. This year our College Connections Committee will be raising funds for the Fred Hollows Foundation by holding a BBQ at lunchtime Monday 23 May. The food on offer includes: Kangaroo Kebabs $2 Curlew (aka chicken) wings $1 Damper and jam/honey $1 per slice. There will also be a book display in the library of Indigenous resources along with a traditonal game on the oval at recess. The Connections Committee have developed some exciting and deadly ideas for our College and we look forward to sharing these with you all. Alex Burrie " Head of Department The Arts During a Hip Hop Dance workshop, the CMC Dance Team had an amazing day of dance rehearsing for their Rock Pop Mime performance. The workshop was facilitated by guest choreographer from the Gold Coast, Isabelle Foster. Students spent the day learning two challenging routines to the theme of - the impact of technology. The Rock Pop Mime dates and performance times will be announced later in the year. Year 7 – 2023 Enrolment Applications Catholic education election report card on major parties Catholic education has released a federal election report card If you, or someone you know, is interested in enrolment into Year 7 at assessing the responses from the major political parties on education CMC next year, please don't delay completing an online enrolment priorities. application. Interviews will conclude this month. Please note that, even if you presently have a child attending CMC and you wish to enrol a The report card assesses the Coalition, Labor and Green's responses sibling, you still need to complete an online enrolment application for to the priorities of: any students wishing to enrol. To start the online process, please go Genuine school choice through fair funding and ensuring to our website and click on 'Enrolment Information'. If you have any questions about enrolment affordable contributions from families at our College, or the online enrolment process, please contact our Enabling faith-based education through religious protections Office on 4994 9200 or email Improving capital funding Special Note: The College intends to open a few new places for Year Support for delivering national priorities such as quality teaching, 8 next year. If you are interested in this opportunity, please follow the same enrolment process, and specify Year 8, 2023. early childhood education, mental health and wellbeing programs and closing the gap initiatives for Aboriginal and Date Claimers Torres Islander students Official College Blessing and Opening National Catholic Education executive director Jacinta Collins said the Friday 27 May 9:00am report card shows the Liberal National Coalition and Labor are on par Parents Welcome – RSVP required by 20 May in addressing Catholic education's priorities, particularly on school Year 7 Camp – Monday 30 May – Friday 3 June choice. Glee Club performance – Mackay Show, Thursday 16 June 10:00am "We are fortunate that both major parties continue to support genuine Tutoring school choice in Australian education and are committed to families Mathematics tutoring is held each Monday afternoon from 3:00pm to who choose a Catholic education for their children," Ms Collins said. 4:00pm in the College Library. Responses sought from key independent candidates are also being evaluated. The full report card and major party responses is available via Authorised by J Collins, National Catholic Education Commission, Level 3, 156 Gloucester Street, Sydney. CONTACT US Phone: 07 4994 9200 Main Office Email: Website: Facebook – The Catholic Education - Diocese of Rockhampton website
    Newsletter Term 2 Week 4 (2022)
  • Newsletter Term 2 Week 2 (2022) NEWS Issue 7 2022 " Friday 29 April Mrs Jeanette Refalo " Assistant Principal Catfishing With an increase in the number of incidents of 'catfishing' in Australian Reflection secondary schools it is important that families are aware of catfishing Rising with Christ. As we commenced term 2, many might say Easter behaviours. had come and gone. During my initial Religion class this term, I The eSafety Commissioner defines catfishing as: commenced with "the Easter season has just begun", and some "When someone pretends to be someone they're not by using social students were a little miffed. To them Easter was over. So, into a media to create a false identity, usually to defraud or scam someone discussion we entered about the Easter Season. What difference does else". Easter make? How have/are we changing? One could be tempted to They often make up life stories, use other people's photos and even think, it's gone without making a difference. We easily get into a rut develop extensive fake life experiences, jobs or friends. Sometimes with our faith, not realising just how deeply the presence of Jesus they trick someone into believing they are in an online romance and Christ has gone down into our being and transformed us to a new way use this as a means to ask for money, gifts or nudes". of engaging with other people and our world. 'Me, changed?' I can This is a concerning trend amongst young adults and could lead to hear you asking. Yes, let's look at the ways. serious consequences for all parties involved. For further information As Christians we believe: on catfishing, please refer to the eSafety Commissioner fact sheet at That good can come out of bad. The power Jesus gave in defeating death is given to us. We are not defined or confined by the bad things that happen to us. We can turn them to good. Mr Jim Ford " Principal That prayer really makes a difference. The good desires I have for others can be offered to God and sent to surround and care for them It may be wet; but we do not forget – even if they are on the other side of the world. It was terrific to see so many CMC students show up to the ANZAC That forgiveness is not only possible but desirable. When we hear marches across the region. stories of people who have forgiven those who have wronged them, we understand, we get it. That virtue is something for which we should work and strive. Yes, we want to be better because we believe we have been made for that. These are the subtle ways Jesus Christ is alive in you this Easter season. Let yourself recognise and appreciate the new divine life that is rising in your hearts CONTACT US Phone: 07 4994 9200 Main Office Email: Website: The Catholic Education - Diocese of Rockhampton website Student Led Conferencing (aka Parent/Teacher Interviews) participate, contact needs to be made with the school as soon as possible, to complete a form and organise alternatives for the testing A very healthy interest was shown by parents resulting in most dates. For our school, we ask that you contact the Head of Mastery teaching staff being booked out. This format of interviewing is Learning, Mrs Helen Patroni via structured around the student and what they can do to improve their grades. You will have noticed the teacher posing the questions to the NAPLAN KEY DATES student and encouraging them to identify what they can do to be Wednesday 20 April – Week 1 - Writing PRACTICE Test more successful in the classroom. Unfortunately, some parents missed Thursday 21 April – Week 1 – OMNIBUS PRACTICE Test out on booking interviews. Please email your child's teacher/s directly *Note – practice tests have no results collected and their primary and request a mutually convenient meeting time. Contact the office purpose is to allow students time to become familiar with the should you require email addresses. functionality of the online assessment platform on their device. NAPLAN Practice Testing Tuesday 10 May – Week 4 – NAPLAN Reading Test (PC Class & Period 3) Students have been getting Wednesday 11 May – Week 4 – NAPLAN Writing Test (Period 1) familiar with the online format Thursday 12 May – Week 4 – NAPLAN Language Conventions Test and virtual tools. Earphones (Period 1) are a must for the tests which Friday 13 May – Week 4 – NAPLAN Numeracy Test (PC Class & Period start on Wednesday 11 May. 3) *Note – Catch up tests will be conducted during Weeks 4 and 5 for Year 7 Camp – Monday 30 May to Friday 3 June students that miss the scheduled testing dates but are in attendance at school on other days. DATE CLAIMERS NAPLAN: Tuesday 10 May – Friday 13 May Official College Blessing and Opening Friday 27 May 9:00am Parents Welcome – RSVP will be required (further details to come) Year 7 Camp – Monday 30 May – Friday 3 June Mrs Kate Rackham " Netball Coach / Teacher Winners are Grinners! Camp Payment can be made in two instalments, or in full. The first Congratulations to our Catherine McAuley College Kappa netball instalment is now due. Please note that the cost for Camp is separate team on their victory against Holy Spirit College last Wednesday to College fees. If you have any questions, please contact the Office afternoon. The girls played exceptionally well, and their strong promptly. performance gave them a convincing win over the opposition, with a final score of 11 - 4. Thank you to our opposing team for a great Mr Chris Apelt " Assistant Principal game! School Absences Please be aware that all extended absences from the College must be approved by the Leadership team. Email the absence period and reason to If you have any questions with regards to this, please contact the Office. NAPLAN 2022 NAPLAN is a national standardised test, designed to inform progress made biannually, but students in year 3, 5, 7 & 9. It is an important part of the data collection plan for both the country, state and our school and we encourage all students to be involved and give the tests their best effort. If however, families do not wish for their child to Mrs Kate Rackham " Teacher END OF NEWSLETTER 7B English As a culminating activity to conclude our unit on Parvana, 7B English students actively participated in an 'Escape Room Challenge'. Working in teams, students competed against each other to solve six complex task cards (one- by-one) about the novel Parvana. As each team correctly completed a task, they received a sweet reward and were able to 'unlock' the next challenge. The aim of the activity was to be the first team to correctly complete all six tasks - receiving the ultimate prize! Overall, the students had a wonderful time unjumbling, deciphering, answering and solving a variety of challenges, which put their knowledge of Parvana to the test, whilst having fun. Mr Glen Smith " Head of Department Tutoring Mathematics tutoring is held on Monday afternoons from 3:00pm to 4:00pm in the College Library. Important Notice Morning Drop-off and Afternoon Pick-up Thorning Street has a drop-off and pick-up zone marked on the road and it would be great if more families began using this location. It would ease the congestion in the Field Street Carpark. For afternoon pick-up, students can wait under shelter in the basketball court and see you arrive. As with the Field Street Carpark procedure, please; Keep moving forward into any vacated space Do not remain stationary if you cannot see your child Quote "May God bless and animate you with His own divine spirit, that you may prove it is Jesus Christ you love and serve with your whole heart" – Catherine McAuley – Letter to Frances Warde, 1837
    Newsletter Term 2 Week 2 (2022)
  • CMC Update 10 Issue 10 " 20 August 2021 Welcome to the Catherine McAuley College Update, Introducing Our Staff - 2022 When planning curriculum, while not essential, it is of great Mrs Kate Rackham Mrs Paula Bell benefit to get the feel of the classroom context and the Maths / Science / English Business Manager flexibility a good space enables. Teaching staff members and The Arts were keen to get an early look at the main block and area where they are likely working. Thanks to Mr Michael McLaughlin, Catholic Education Capital Projects Coordinator, the tolerant site contractors as well as sub- contractors for their patience as we toured the site. Mrs Laura Camilleri Mr Jerry Fitzgibbon WPHS Officer IT Support Officer Mr Jim De Thomasis Mr Michael Maunder Facilities Maintenance Officer Facilities Maintenance Officer Kind regards Additional staffing appointments: Jim Ford Positions vacant will continue to be advertised via Catholic Education Rockhampton's website (Careers Tab) and Jim Ford external advertising mediums. More staffing interviews will Principal be conducted in due course and we will announce appointments in future newsletters. Spreading the word Catherine McAuley College staff Catholic Education Media Coordinator Neil McDonald and gather for a 'get to know' you Cinematographer Gareth Keith from Studio53 Rockhampton recorded candid interviews with Catherine McAuley College shared meal staff members. The finished production will be available on the Catholic Education Rockhampton social media platforms Thanks to Mrs Jeanette Refalo our Assistant Principal – and YouTube soon. Mission for opening her home for all who could make the evening. Developing trust starts with getting to know one another. It was a wonderful experience for all. Building Update School Camp 2022 – "We are going Stair access to GLA's Heritage Building - Science Lab Bush" 5-Day Carnarvon Gorge Safari " Monday 30 May to Friday 3 June Our Year 7 students and staff will embark on a roadtrip to an iconic Queensland National Park. There will be camping, bush walking (established trails), camp fires, stories, Indigenous heritage and ecological awareness teaching. Hopefully plenty of laughs, a bit of a challenge and good memories and friendships established. Anticipated cost of the trip is between $550 - $600 so we hope this advance notice will assist with your budgeting. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, we intend for all foundation students to attend the camp. Heritage Building – Student Services A quote from Catherine McAuley "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" CONTACT Principal Jim Ford Tel: 1800 228 433
    CMC Update 10
  • CMC Update 9 Issue 9 " 6 August 2021 Welcome to the Catherine McAuley College Update, It was wonderful to have many Sisters of Mercy, Fr Don White, Parish Priest, Leesa Jeffcoat, Director Catholic Education - Diocese of Rockhampton, Michael McCusker Assistant Director: Schools - Northern Region, Stuart Bagley Bold Architecture, Mackay Regional Catholic School Principals, representatives of the Catholic Education Office Rockhampton, representatives of Woollam Constructions and the wider community gather on site last Wednesday (28 July) for the Official Blessing of the Building Site of our new Catholic College. The Blessing was one of the major events held during Catholic Education Week in the Mackay region. While buildings, classrooms and new facilities are the conspicuous part of our new College, its energy and vitality come down to the quality teaching staff. It gives me great pleasure to introduce an experienced and versatile team of professional educators that will build the credibility of Catherine McAuley College, Mackay. The foundation staff members are listed on page 2. Kind regards A quote from Catherine McAuley Jim Ford "Mercy is more than Charity – for it not only bestows benefits, but it receives and pardons again and again – Jim Ford Principal even the ungrateful" Teaching Staff Teaching Staff Commencing in 2022 Physical Education/Maths/Science Leadership Team Mrs Caroline Kerrisk Principal Hospitality/English/ Humanities/The Arts Mr Jim Ford Mrs Leila Vernalls Assistant Principal – Mission Science/Maths Mrs Jeanette Refalo Mrs Amy Andrews Assistant Principal – Teaching & Learning Languages Mr Christopher Apelt Mr Michael Hess Academic Heads of Departments Additional staffing appointments: Maths/Science/Digital Technologies Further staffing appointments will be advised in future Mr Glen Smith editions of this newsletter. English/Humanities/Languages Enrolment offers at Catherine Ms Michelle Crossland McAuley College - Year 7 2022 Physical Education/Tech Design The first round of enrolment offers were emailed to families Mr Benjamin Palise on Wednesday 7 July 2021. A healthy interest in placement meant several enquiries could not be responded to in the first round. A subsequent round of offers will be determined by positive responses to our first phase of enrolments. Thanks to Mr Jim De Thomasis The Arts It's a bit like raking leaves in a Miss Alexandra Burrie cyclone. Looking after the Learning Support Mrs Helen Patroni grounds and gardens of CONTACT Catherine McAuley College Principal Jim Ford (Sugar Research Institute) Tel: 1800 228 433 while construction is in full swing is something of a challenge. Jim De Thomasis, our part-time maintenance employee is putting a huge effort into on-site horticulture. Good luck Jim and thank you!
    CMC Update 9
  • CMC Update 8 Issue 8 " 25 June 2021 Welcome to the eighth edition of the Catherine McAuley 9 Key Learning Areas: College Update. Religious Education, English, Humanities, Languages, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, The Arts and A Day at Catherine McAuley College Technology. Similar to all other Mackay Catholic schools, our day is School Rules slightly constrained by bus schedules, however we will make good use of the time in-between. Some things are best kept simple. Students really benefit from a limited number of easily recalled guidelines. How can Daily Schedule I enjoy school and get on with my fellow students and staff? Period 1 " 8:35 AM – 9:45 AM 3 School Rules Period 2 " 9.50 AM – 11:00 AM 1) "Hands off" (other people and their property) Lunch " 11:00 AM – 11:40 AM 2) Follow all teacher directions (first time and without Homeroom " 11:40 AM – 12:10 PM argument) Period 3 " 12:15 PM – 1:25 3) Respect ("Do unto others…" – The Golden Rule) PM Recess " 1:25 PM – 1:45 PM Period 4 " 1:50 PM – 3:00 PM On occasion a student may need to be spoken to about a situation. The conversation starts with which of the above Notes rules was not being followed? Attendance - Rolls are marked electronically every Kind regards lesson so lesson one will start first thing - best use of prime learning time. Jim Ford Lesson Length - 4 x 70-minute lessons each day with Jim Ford student movement between each. Two-week timetable Principal cycle or 40 lessons that then repeats. Homeroom – 30-minutes following lunch break for Offers of Enrolment Placement – Prayer and reflection, notices, House activities, leadership training, reading for pleasure, special events, Year 7 2022 student committees. This ensures learning time is not interrupted in other classes. Parents will receive email correspondence by Monday 12 July 2021. CONTACT Principal Jim Ford Tel: 1800 228 433 Phones at Catherine McAuley Staff Recruitment – Term 3 & 4 2021 College Leadership and teacher positions are now being finalised at Catherine McAuley College. In order to give maximum encouragement for students socialising at break times, phones (if brought to school) must There are upcoming positions vacant advertisements that be turned-off upon entering the College grounds and placed may be of interest to parents and the Mackay community. into the student's locker immediately. This next phase of staffing positions will be advertised via the Catholic Education Rockhampton website and other advertising mediums which will include the following positions; Parents should not ring or text a student phone during the Position Ad Placement school day as a reply from a student is in contravention of College rules. All communication is through the main office Technology Assistant June 2021 by phone or email, and/or by email to teachers. Library Teacher Assistant July 2021 Teacher Assistant (Design There are medical exemptions to this policy, and these will July 2021 be negotiated with parents where the student has a Technology/The Arts) diagnosed medical condition that requires phone access for Teacher Assistant (Hospitality/ July 2021 parent contact purposes. July 2021 Manual Arts) August 2021 Phones may be turned-on and accessed after school. This Laboratory Technician enables communication with parents and is an important Tuckshop Convenor August 2021 safety consideration. Teacher Assistants – Learning October 2021 Support x2 Office Administration x1 Building works continue to move along with the Further information about Catherine McAuley College schedule still on time. can be found at Covered lunch, canteen The Catholic Education - Diocese of Rockhampton website or by emailing A quote from Catherine McAuley The tender Mercy of God has given us one another. View from triple storey building
    CMC Update 8
  • CMC Update 7 Welcome to the seventh edition of the Catherine McAuley Issue 7 " 11 June 2021 College Update. Visible Learning Homework Students understanding how they best In education circles there is much debate about the efficacy learn with regular feedback to guide of Homework in assisting students to learn. Homework progress. Structured lessons with clear should not be excessive, so it substantially disrupts home life 'Learning Goals', lesson transitions and or requires extensive parent support. Parents can certainly help in communicating the expectation that it is done, and a measures of learning success. routine established. If there is no homework, then reading during that usual time is just as important. Expectations with Technology Enhanced Learning Years 7 and 8 homework should require approximately 1- hour a night for each of the weekday evenings. Homework Integrated use of technology in all subject should not be new learning but is a consolidation of skills areas. Automated robotic applications to and concepts recently learned in class. (i.e., Practice Maths data gathering and controlled systems to problems, vocab definitions in Science and English, timeline advanced research capabilities and online in History and so on). tutoring. Emphasis in some subjects; Learning is best promoted by frequent and timely revisiting available in all. of concepts. It is an active process. Homework can help here. Explicit Instruction Teaching and Learning Teacher expert input. Student practice of With people, no one approach works all the time. With new skills and concept application. adolescent students (and adults) the professional educator Capturing interest and imagination. functions in the space of 'what works.' Capturing student interest and providing effective instruction to bridge gaps Inquiry-based Learning and build skills is a significant part of the job. Just as important, is getting students to understand how they learn, Application of learning to investigate along with the development of personal qualities such as questions or solving of a challenging persistence and self-belief that underlies life-long learning. problem. STEM approach that develops General Capabilities. Keeping students So, how will teachers teach at Catherine McAuley College? curious. Using the above approaches (Pedagogy) staff will work in collaborative teams to ensure all students experience high- quality learning practices in the classroom. "Always walk- through life as if you have something new to learn, and you will." – Vernon Howard Kind regards Jim Ford Jim Ford Principal Technology Q&A Dell Chromebook will be used by the students. This Thank you to those parents who submitted questions as part Chromebook can be used as in laptop mode, tablet mode of the Parent Information Night. Over the coming weeks, Mr and flipped into tent mode. Ford will provide answers to all questions. If further information is required, please do not hesitate to make contact on 1800 228 433. Q: Do boys have to wear the tie as a compulsory part of the uniform? A: Yes – formal uniform is to be worn to school every day except Wednesday. Sports uniform is worn on Wednesday. Q: Is there a bucket hat option or cap? A: A sports cap will be part of the uniform which can be worn at lunchtime or active play. Further information about Catherine Q: Whose idea was the white sports shirt? Not keen as a McAuley College parent with soaking/washing time. can be found at A: White for coolness. The material is low maintenance. No need for the expense of a separate House shirt. The Catholic Education - Diocese of Rockhampton website Q: Is there a netball uniform? or by emailing A: There will be. Q: Will the college have feeder schools? Building works continue to move along with A: We do not use the term 'feeder schools' as all Catholic Colleges are open to accept enrolments from those families the schedule still on time. who will support our values. Q: What are the computing device requirements for students? A: students will be issued with a new Chromebook computer and a Scientific Calculator which parents pay off in the first year (at a reduced amount due to bulk purchase by the Catholic Education Office). Q: PLEASE PLEASE tell us the House Names? A: To be advised. Q: Wil there be Bus Services to the College? A: Mackay Transit Coaches (MTC) is factoring in transport to and from the College. Bus stop at the College is on Thorning Street. Q: Will there be a Tuckshop operating from 2022, how many days and PLEASE offer decent gluten free options? A: Yes – Tuckshop will operate all days. Menu to be determined. CONTACT A quote from Catherine McAuley Principal Jim Ford God does not look at the action but the Spirit Tel: 1800 228 433 motivating it, and he will judge and reward us accordingly.
    CMC Update 7
  • CMC Update 6 Welcome to the sixth edition of the Catherine McAuley Issue 6 " 28 May 2021 College Update. of the classroom to the Responsible Thinking Classroom. CMC Enrolments for Year 7 – 2022 There they receive assistance to renegotiate their entry back "Good News" – so far everyone has survived the enrolment to their normal class. interviews with little stress. The bulk of the interviews have now taken place however enrolments will remain open so as Benefits: In all situations, respect is maintained. The not to disadvantage families on the move or those with classroom environment must be a disruption free changes in circumstances. experience for students and staff alike. Enrolment offers will be sent out late in the June-July Note: On rare occasions a student will be sent home from holidays. the Responsible Thinking Classroom. They return the next day with a written plan / commitment document outlining How we plan to start… how they will be successful going forward. Over the next several newsletters I will explain some of the tried and true programs Catherine McAuley College will Kind regards adopt from Day 1. To quote Stephen Covey; we plan to "Begin With the End in Mind." Jim Ford Behaviour Standards and Student Support Jim Ford It is no exaggeration to state that classroom behaviour is the Principal single biggest issue for teachers in Australian schools. The profession loses significant numbers of young professionals A quote from Catherine McAuley and student learning progress can be greatly affected. The simplest and most practical lesson I know is to Staff at Catherine McAuley College will establish high resolve and to be good today, but better tomorrow. standards for student conduct and model the same respectful behaviours to students at all times within a well Further information about understood code of conduct and procedures. Students will Catherine McAuley College experience affirming relationships and support in meeting high expectations. can be found at Responsible Thinking Process - Teachers have the right to The Catholic Education - Diocese of Rockhampton teach and students have the right to learn without website disruption. or by emailing Teachers make clear to students what disruptive or disrespectful conduct is in the classroom context. Students who struggle with classroom expectations are referred out Technology Q&A Commencing secondary schooling it is important students Thank you to those parents who submitted questions as part have common pieces of technology. This helps ensure the of the Parent Information Night. Over the coming weeks, Mr emphasis is on using the technology to learn as opposed to Ford will provide answers to all questions. If further the anxiety created by different functionality. Both the information is required, please do not hesitate to make Chromebook computer and a common calculator will be contact on 1800 228 433. provided by the College. Hopefully, this also makes things a bit easier on parents concerned about purchasing the right Q: How will students on an IEP be helped? materials for Year 7. Both items will be paid off in the College A: Students with Individual Education Plans will be overseen fees in the first year. An added benefit passed on to parents by the Inclusive Curriculum Head of Department with in- is the discounted price accessed through Catholic class assistance as required by Teacher Assistants. Education's bulk purchasing arrangement. Q: Can you please give us a list of all the staff and their positions? A: We are planning on 12 teaching staff including leadership team members. In addition, the College will employ teacher assistants in the Library, Special Learning and Technology and the Arts. A laboratory technician and a grounds maintenance staff member will start in Term 4 this year. In 2022 we will have 3 senior leadership members, 5 heads of department, 4 full-time teachers, 5 assistants, 2 grounds maintenance and 2 tuckshop staff. Building Update Q: The school is multi-level – will there be a lift for students with mobility considerations? A: Yes – one each (2 lifts) in main building and the triple storey block. Q: Please advise what the fees will be for a year? A: Approximately $1000 per term plus computer, calculator, ID card. School fees are set in accord with Catholic Education's guidelines. View from 3rd storey teaching block overlooking Q: Does the school expect to have the buildings ready to sports precinct teach technology subjects in 2022? A: Yes – Temporary facilities for Arts, Hospitality and Manual Arts will be well equipped. Specialist facilities are planned for construction. Q: Please describe what the manual arts rooms will look like i.e. will they have work benches, tools and will it be set-up to meet the Australian Curriculum and involve mainly the design aspect? A: Manual Arts will be part of Technology Design and use the design process while being mindful of the need for practical skills. A temporary facility will be established prior to the building of a design precinct. This facility will have tools for 'hands on' experience and tables for group design processes. 3rd floor – 5 general learning areas CONTACT Foundation Principal Jim Ford Tel: 1800 228 433
    CMC Update 6
  • CMC Update 5 Issue 5 " 13 May 2021 Welcome to the fifth edition of the Catherine McAuley College Values College Update. In addition to the college motto, "Christus Vivit", our Enrolment interviews are now well underway and will Steering Committee spent much time deliberating on the continue over the next four weeks. Families who have value statement that would define the qualities evident in submitted part 2 of the online enrolment process but have our practice and the outcomes for Catherine McAuley not yet been contacted by the College secretary Mrs Rachel College students. Coppin, please be assured this will happen very soon. We will identify a mutually suitable date for the enrolment "Learning, Courage, Faith and interview, prior to the end of this term. Mercy" The College is in the process of conducting staffing These Values reinforce that the staff and students at interviews and appointments for various positions. We will Catherine McAuley College prioritise student learning keep you informed on our decisions in upcoming Updates. progression and have the goal of developing, in every student, the ability and confidence in how best to learn. Interview Venue Catherine McAuley College Courage is "an inner resolution to go forward despite Temporary Office obstacles" (Martin Luther King Jr). Students at Catherine St Mary's Primary School Hall, Morley Street McAuley College should strive to develop the personal Parking – St Mary's Parish car park. leadership qualities of resilience, compassion, and the courage to serve. Kind regards Faith and belief are qualities increasingly rare in our secular Jim Ford society but remain a solid foundation in our search for meaning. In addition, the spiritual and corporal works of Jim Ford Mercy, as evidenced by the order of Sisters founded by Principal Catherine McAuley, give definition to the practices that must be evident in our College. Building Update Information Evening Feedback Q: Will there be more than one Language taught? A: One Language will be offered at this stage. The College is Many thanks to St Patrick's College for providing the venue hoping to offer a world Language such as Spanish. for our first face to face gathering of the future College community. It was great to see a healthy number of parents Q: Will there be any Agricultural subjects offered? and students interested in being a crucial part of Catherine A: There will be an extensive range of Science related McAuley College. The atmosphere definitely had a positive subjects at the College. It is unlikely we will run Agriculture buzz, combined with 'a sense of history'. We are looking on campus, however, if interest is indicated, the College will forward to harnessing all of that positive energy, as we work explore VET opportunities. Students interested in tertiary collaboratively to progress the college forward. Agriculture are encouraged to study Biology and Chemistry. Q: Will there be a full Arts program? A: The College is intending to offer a full Arts program. Visual Art, Music, Drama & Dance, starting in Year 7, 2022 and going through to Year 12. We also intend to establish Instrumental Music and Choir in our first year. Q: Will CMC students be bused to Mercy / other schools or locations for learning such as sporting team events? A: Yes – CMC will purchase a medium capacity bus to transport students to external venues for events such as swimming, band, and sporting competitions. Q: Will there be a school choir? A: Yes – a choir is a co-curricular offering of definite priority for both boys & girls. Q: Will you be offering instrumental music lessons? A: Yes – Instrumental Music is an important program for every school. Q&A Q: Is there a cap on the number of students CMC is accepting? Thank you to those parents who submitted questions as part A: Yes – Ideally we will start with four classes of Year 7's i.e. of the Parent Information Night. Over the coming weeks, Mr 25-28 students per class. Our numbers are looking very Ford will provide answers to all questions. If further healthy at this point - Get in quick! information is required, please don't hesitate to make contact on 1800 228 433. Q: Can the school PLEASE consider an option for the girls to wear long formal pants? Q: How will students requiring learning support be catered A: Yes, good question – we will have long charcoal formal for? pants as an option for the girls to be worn with the formal A: The College will have a teaching staff member to lead the girl's blouse. inclusive practices department. In addition, there will be two teacher assistants to provide additional support. Further information about Catherine McAuley College Q: When will we know the finalisation of the elective subjects? can be found at A: This will be communicated to families in Term 4, 2021. At this time, staffing will be in place and curriculum offerings The Catholic Education - Diocese of Rockhampton defined. There are some mandatory expectations website embedded in the Australian Curriculum that will assist in refining this process. or by emailing A quote from Catherine McAuley We should be shining lamps, giving light to all around us.
    CMC Update 5
  • CMC Update 4 Issue 4 " 29 April 2021 Welcome to the fourth edition of the Catherine McAuley Interview Venue College Update. Catherine McAuley College Temporary Office Enrolment Interviews soon to start – Meet the Principal Morley Street – St Mary's Primary School Hall Parking -: St Mary's Parish car park. Interviews will start in the second week of this term and be held over the next six to eight weeks. Parents who have Kind regards submitted part 2 of the online enrolment process will be contacted by the College secretary (Mrs Rachel Coppin) to Jim Ford identify a mutually suitable date for the enrolment interviews. It may take some time to contact all applicants, Jim Ford but this will certainly happen, and all will be interviewed Principal prior to the end of this term. Enrolment Fee Payment: Parents and students do not need to be concerned about the 30-minute interview experience as it is primarily designed to Please be advised that the online enrolment fee payment get to know the student. Please be advised that it is link is now available. important that the student does accompany at least one parent to the interview. Smart casual dress or school We are in the process of sending individual families a new uniform would be suitable attire. payment link that you will need to access to make payment of the enrolment fee. Following the extended interview period, offers of enrolment at the college will be sent out in the mid-year For interviews to be scheduled, your child's enrolment fee semester break. While it is desirable for most interviews to needs to be completed. be completed during Term 2, please be assured that enrolments will remain open throughout the latter part of If you have not received an email with a new payment link the year. Early enrolments enable the college to plan staffing please contact the Catholic Education Office Rockhampton, and organise for next year. by emailing I genuinely look forward to meeting the first cohort of A quote from Catherine McAuley Catherine McAuley College students and watching them grow into fine young adults. If a prudent, cautious beginning is made, there is every prospect of success. Congratulations to Jeanette Refalo on her appointment Building and works on schedule as Assistant Principal: Mission commencing in November 2021. Jeanette commenced with Catholic Education – Diocese of Rockhampton in 2005 at Holy Spirit College, Mackay and moved to Mercy College in 2010 where she has held the position of Assistant Principal: Religious Education (APRE) since 2019. Welcome Jeanette. Parent Information Evening Wednesday 5 May: Please note that owing to the overwhelming response we have had to make a couple of minor changes to the venue at St Patrick's College, see revised information below. To assist with registration and catering purposes on the evening, families attending are asked to register prior to 5 May via the following link. Please be aware that a QR Code registration will also be required on the night. Further information about Catherine McAuley College can be found at The Catholic Education - Diocese of Rockhampton website or by emailing CONTACT Principal Jim Ford Tel: 1800 228 433
    CMC Update 4
  • CMC Update 3 Issue 3 " 1 April 2021 Welcome to the third edition of the Catherine McAuley We have chosen to adopt the shield motif to convey the commitment to the tradition of learning and support for College Update. Christ's message for us today. The simple stylised cross also communicates the centrality of Jesus in our lives and also In this edition of the newsletter, I provide to you a video alludes to Catherine McAuley who founded the Sisters of message from our Diocesan Director of Catholic Education, Mercy. Miss Leesa Jeffcoat AM sharing her hopes and aspirations for Catherine McAuley College in the following video here The College's motto 'Christus Vivit' (Christ lives) is a rallying cry for the support and value of young people from Pope I am pleased to share our College logo with you (see below). Francis. The Catherine McAuley College badge combines tradition Our College colours are embedded in the design with green, with contemporary styling and a powerful allusion to the symbolising the cane fields and rainforest of the Mackay Catholic foundations for the school. region, also drawing on the colour of Ireland, the birthplace of Catherine McAuley. The colour blue represents the Coral sea, the clear skies that define our tropical home and the colour of the Mercy order. The colour white gives contrast and boundary to the concepts and geographical entities. Our College values of "Learning, Courage, Faith & Mercy" are all symbolically present in our crest. The newsletter update will continue to be provided on a fortnightly basis to keep families who have expressed interest in Catherine McAuley College in 2022 and beyond. It aims to convey to you a welcome to you and your family from our emerging Catholic school community. Kind regards Jim Ford Jim Ford Foundation Principal Congratulations to Mrs Rachel Coppin on her appointment as Principal's Secretary, Catherine McAuley College. Rachel has been with Catholic Education - Diocese of Rockhampton for 12 years, currently in the role of Principal's Secretary at Mercy College and is a highly skilled Principal's secretary. Rachel will be a true asset to the efficient running of the new College. Building site update: The evening will provide an overview of the significant areas A quote from Catherine McAuley of the College's development and an opportunity for parents to meet and ask questions. Commencing at 6.00pm with We must strive to do ordinary things, extraordinarily light refreshments and chance to chat, the formalities of the well. evening will commence at 6.30 pm. Further information about Catherine McAuley College Interested Parents and their Year 6 students very welcome. can be found at Details: The Catholic Education - Diocese of Rockhampton Format for the evening or by emailing Welcome and Opening prayer Video message from Diocesan Director, Catholic Education (Ms Leesa Jeffcoat AM) Virtual tour of the new College and future projections Uniform items for Catherine McAuley Subjects, Culture and Sport Expertise supporting the College Timeline for enrolments General Q&A Afterwards parents and students are welcome to wait behind and chat to any of the presenters. We anticipate the presentation to parents will take approximately an hour. Afterwards there will also be an opportunity to chat with the presenters who are in attendance. Further information will be provided closer to the date. CONTACT Foundation Principal Jim Ford Tel: 1800 228 433
    CMC Update 3
  • CMC Update 2 Issue 2 " 16 March 2021 Welcome to the second edition of the Catherine McAuley Building is progressing on schedule College Update. The Committee Members were very impressed with the work to date. In this edition of the newsletter, I provide to you my vision, hopes and aspirations for Catherine McAuley College via the following video view The newsletter update will be provided on a fortnightly basis to keep you informed as to how we are progressing and establishing our new college, focused on welcoming you and your family to be part of our community in 2022. Kind regards Jim Ford Jim Ford Foundation Principal Steering Committee visit the site The members of the Steering Committee recently visited the site of the college and were given a guided tour. The Steering Committee continues to meet on a fortnightly basis as they monitor the new colleges development. The very dedicated Steering Committee members for the development of Catherine McAuley College are from left to right in the photo following: Kathy Parrish, Brigid Fenech, Jim Ford, Nathaniel Rice, Anne Hilder, Andrea Pace, Michael McCusker. Absent from the photo are Fr Don White (Parish Priest) and Dr John Lyons. The foundations for Catherine Positions advertised McAuley College The following Leadership Positions have now been In 2021 Catholic Education Australia is celebrating 200 years advertised. since the first Catholic School opened in Parramatta New South Wales. Deputy Principal Assistant Principal: Mission The first Catholic school in what is now the Diocese of We have also advertised for the position of Principal's Rockhampton opened in Rockhampton in 1863 (prior to the Secretary. diocese being established in 1882) by French Priest Father Charles Murlay and Miss Bridget Ennis an Irish Lay Teacher. A quote from Catherine McAuley There were two lay schools in Mackay by 1869 and the No matter how small the gift, Sisters of St Joseph arrived in Mackay in 1872 at the God gives the increase. invitation of French Priest Father Pierre Bucas and pioneer Irish Sugar Planter T.H.Fitzgerald. A small school had also Further information about been established by Fr Bucas around 1871 following a Catherine McAuley College meeting of parents at Meadowland on Nebo Road on more land donated by T.H.Fitzgerald. can be found at The Sisters of Mercy from Brisbane arrived in Mackay in The Catholic Education - Diocese of Rockhampton website 1880, by which time the Meadowland school was closed, and the building moved to be used as an extra classroom in or by emailing River Street. Fr Bucas also established a small high school for boys in the late 1880s with himself and a lay teacher, Mr Carroll, as the teachers. It was by all accounts very successful but closed after a few years owing to the decline in Mr Carroll's health. Many Catholic schools were to follow in the Mackay region: St John's Walkerston 1924, St Mary's South Mackay 1924, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Marian 1924, St Anne's Sarina 1925, St Patrick's Christian Brothers College 1929, St Patrick's Convent High School 1930, St Francis Xavier 1935, St Joseph's North Mackay 1937, St Brigid's Farleigh 1939, St Peter and Paul Habana 1952, Our Lady of Mercy Convent High School 1968, Emmanuel 1983, Holy Spirit College 1984, St Patrick's Senior College 1987, Mercy College 1987, St Brendan's 2015. Catherine McAuley College will be established on the foundations of this history which is one of sacrifice, courage, struggle and vision, a story of commitment and above all faith and trust in God. From humble beginnings to the vibrant and successful education facilities we see today, the story of Catholic Education in the Diocese of Rockhampton including Mackay continues to be written as we continue to 'honour the past, enrich the present, shape the future and find meaning for life.' References: Always Mindful. A History of Catholic Education in Central Queensland 1863 to 1990. John Browning © 2005. Catholic Education in Queensland. Volume 1 to 6. Susan Mary Tobin © 1987. CONTACT Foundation Principal Jim Ford Tel: 1800 228 433
    CMC Update 2
  • CMC Update 1 Issue 1 " 24 February 2021 Welcome to our first edition of the Catherine McAuley and respect for the dignity of each person. These qualities have inspired thousands of students who have received a College Update. quality Catholic education at a Mackay Catholic school, founded and/or staffed by the Sisters of Mercy over the past Thank-you for your interest in our new College. A school is 140 years. only as good as the committed people who turn up each day Our new College will adopt the Charism of the Sisters of and make the experience a gratifying one for students, staff, Mercy and this will inspire the College's Educational Mission and community alike. and help shape the College's identity from its very inception. More information about Catherine can be found via this link This update will be provided on a fortnightly basis to keep to Mercy International Association. you informed of how we are progressing and establishing Pictured below the statue of Catherine McAuley ouside of our new college, focused on welcoming you and your family to be part of our community in 2022. the House of Mercy in Baggot Street Dublin, Ireland. Regards Building update Jim Ford Building remains on schedule on Nebo Road despite heavy rain earlier in the year. Jim Ford Although some parts of the site temporarily resembled Foundation Principal swimming pools over the holiday period, we are very confident that preplanning has accounted well for weather Who is Catherine McAuley? disruptions during the construction phase Works now under way include development of carparks and Catherine McAuley was the foundress of the Sisters of surrounds, completion of demolition works in the iconic Karl Mercy and the name given to our new college reflects the Langer Building and commencement of conversion works to significant contribution the Sisters have made to the establishment and development of Catholic schools in the Mackay region since 1880. She was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1778 and passed way in 1841. In 1827, Catherine established the 'House of Mercy' in Baggot Street, Dublin where she and several companions taught the poor, cared for the sick and provided shelter for the homeless. In 1830 she entered the Presentation Convent to prepare for religious life and she took final vows on 12 December 1831 which is now celebrated as the Foundation Day for the Sisters of Mercy. A woman of deep faith who devoted her adult life to ministering to the poor and destitute where she emphasized the importance of education, justice, service, stewardship, administration and teaching areas, foundations and footings Woollam Constructions laid for new buildings as well as the commencement of structural components. Woollam Constructions Managing Director Craig Percival said the project was exciting for the Mackay We have laid the foundations and commenced construction region. "We're proud to work with Catholic Education of Block E, our three-storey building that incorporates a in the Diocese of Rockhampton on this innovative canteen, student amenities and covered lunch area on the project," Mr Percival said. "We're always excited to ground floor, a state-of-the-art Science Precinct on the work on projects that will ultimately bring great second floor and on the top floor five well appointed general community benefit, particularly in this part of learning areas. Queensland where we have a great history. The project is on schedule." In addition, our Physical Education Precinct has begun to take shape with the structural steel erected for the spacious A quote from Catherine McAuley covered sports courts. A good beginning is of great importance The proposed masterplan for the College will see construction over four stages as enrolment demand is realised with the College catering for Year 7 in 2022 and progressively increasing year levels to cater for Years 7 to 12 by 2027. The response from the Mackay community has been exceedingly positive which is a strong indicator of the growing demand for Catholic schooling in Mackay and the ongoing development of the region. Catherine McAuley College is due to open next January for the start of the school year. Our new college will further add to the existing options for Mackay families who choose a Catholic Education for their children. Further information about Catherine McAuley College can be found at The Catholic Education - Diocese of Rockhampton website or by emailing The next update will be issued on Wednesday 10 March 2021 CONTACT Foundation Principal Jim Ford Tel: 1800 228 433
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