Growth of College Facilities

Capital Development Masterplan informed by Educational planning

The master plan is subject to revision and planning and will be updated following ongoing consultations.
Key points (accompanying the original masterplan):

  • Facilities capacity planned for 1200 students Years 7-12
  • Proposed delivery of master planned facilities over 4 stages as enrolment demand is realised
  • Clustering of facilities into educational precincts
  • Teaching spaces designed to support flexible utilisation and provisioning for a wide range of curriculum delivery models
  • Effective repurposing of historically significant buildings to provide practical, functional teaching spaces and ancillary spaces that incorporate the tangible site history
  • Key facilities interaction between the existing building and future buildings
  • Teaching space flexibility to assist with curriculum delivery in the early stages of the College development
  • Key circulation strategies throughout the site with 1st-floor circulation network planned to compliment ground floor patterns-site readability
  • Well planned car parking, functional set down/pick up facilities