Behaviour Support

The Responsible Thinking Program (RTP)

“Teachers have the right to teach and students have the right to learn without disruption”.

To provide behaviour support and to create a safe and productive learning environment for students, Catherine McAuley College has adopted the Responsible Thinking Process (RTP). RTP provides a school-wide expectation and with the use of specific questions it instils a common language that students recognise and respond to. It is designed to teach the students to take responsibility for their actions and behaviours and simultaneously for their learning. Many students will never use the RTP classroom; however, those who do will be supported through caring and responsive teaching so that they can self-manage and become confident in their capacity to make appropriate choices.


Note: Frequent referral to the RTC and/or home planning will result in an intervention meeting to support the student. A student unable or unwilling to plan for classroom/school re-entry may not return to school until the matter is successfully addressed.