Parent Engagement

Each Catholic school in Queensland has a Parents and Friends Association. All parents and carers whose children are enrolled at the school are automatically members of the P&F. The P&F is an integral part of the Catholic school and provides a formal structure and support network for parents to participate in the activities and decision-making processes at the school and to work for the benefit of the school and their children.

  • The P&F represents the interests of the whole parent body
  • It helps parents engage with the school and the education of their children
  • It works to support the school

This means that parents are partners with the teachers and the principal in the education of their children and consequently parents share the responsibility of educating their children with the teaching staff.

Parents and Friends Meetings

All parents / carers of students enrolled at Catherine McAuley College are welcome to attend the Parents and Friends Meetings with times to be advised through the college newsletter. The main objectives of this body are to:

  • Support the aims and educational endeavours of the College
  • Foster a spirit of cooperation between parents, staff, and friends of the College
  • Stimulate an active interest in the life of the College

The Parents and Friends Association will play an important role in working collaboratively with parents / carers, staff and students by working closely together to determine the best ways to equitably improve the welfare and the lives of students at Catherine McAuley College.

This mutually respectful relationship where communication is key provides very real practical support for each of our students and their education.

Broader Parent Engagement

In our first year of operation, the College will offer a new model for parents to seek authentic involvement and learn along with their children.

Every week – Friday forum Week 1 (10.30 to 11.30 am), Week 2 (7.30 to 8.30 am)


  1. Q&A – education topics and concerns
  2. College Tours – book in advance
  3. Organisation of events – Pre-enrolment Evening, Trivia Night, Camp etc
  4. Parent Information sessions – Cyber-safety, Adolescent issues, Parent help, Guests and Alumni concept for Catherine McAuley College.

Note: Gatherings will take place in the College Board Room, the Alpha Block (Sugar Research Building). Light refreshments will be provided. Parents can attend on an interest basis or commit to a series of meetings when we are working on a project.

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