College Board

College Boards play an important role in Catholic Education’s schools and colleges. The aim is to ensure our College is Catholic in character, focused on education and creates a supportive environment for students and staff.

While the responsibility for management of the school and all decision-making rests with the Principal, the role of the Board is to support the Principal through a model of discernment, called ‘shared knowledge’. The Board is one of pastoral governance, concerned with sharing responsibility for the well-being of the whole of the school within the beliefs and values, teachings, and traditions of the Catholic Church. Its responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. supporting and reviewing the Vision and Mission Statement of the school
  2. supporting the School Renewal Process within the school community
  3. Reviewing diocesan policies and procedures as required
  4. Overseeing the financial management at the College
  5. Offering support to the Principal

Our Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 7pm for approximately 1.5 hours.


Photo | Current CMC Board Members:

  • Back row: Jodie Benfer, Kris Arnold, Kathy Parrish (Chair), Matt Cole, Jeanette Refalo Front row: Andrea Pembroke (Secretary), Karlie Tatchell, Helen Moohin, Jim Ford
  • Absent at time of photo: Helen Patroni