Uniform & Presentation

The wearing of the College uniform and general appearance says much about the individual and the College itself. Students of the College are expected to take pride in their appearance and ensure that the College uniform is worn correctly at all times. This includes both around the College on a daily basis and in travel to and from the College. All travel to and from the College is to be conducted in full formal uniform, except on Wednesdays and Fridays.

  • All items must be clearly and permanently marked with the student’s name
  • Hats must be worn at all times outside of the classroom including; before school, between classes,
    break times, waiting for buses/parents, and walking to and from school. The sports cap can be worn
    at break times during the day and with the sports uniform at all times

If there are any doubts concerning uniform requirements students/parents/guardians should seek guidance from the Assistant Principal Mission/Welfare.

  • College uniforms and accessories can be purchased from Uniform Solutions 134-140 Diesel Drive, Paget. email: sales@uniformsolutions.com.au. phone: 4951 3549

Personal Presentation

The Catherine McAuley College community works to instil in its students a strong sense of pride and respect. Any student whose appearance does not meet College expectations will be asked to immediately rectify the situation. This may involve time out of class.

Formal Uniform

The formal uniform and formal hat is to be worn on all school days except Wednesdays and Fridays when the full sports uniform is to be worn.

Formal Uniform – Girls

Formal tartan dress (hem below the knee) with crossover mint green tie with College pin
Formal tartan skirt (hem below the knee)
Mint green with crossover tartan tie with the College pin
Crossover tartan tie to be worn with blouse and skirt uniform Mint green crossover tie to be worn with formal dress
College short white socks
Black leather lace up formal school shoes are to be polished, and in good order
Grey College hat with CMC hat band
Plain black stockings can be worn under formal skirt or dress
Dress Pants
Long grey College dress pants
Knitted pull-over & Jacket
Bottle green College knitted pull-over or jacket

Formal Uniform – Boys

Grey College shorts
Formal mint green College shirt
College tie
College long socks, pulled up at all times
Black shoes are to be polished, laced and in good order
Grey College hat with CMC hat band
Long grey College trousers
Knitted pull-over & Jacket
Bottle green College knitted pull-over or jacket

Sports Uniform

  • White College sports shirt
  • Grey College sports shorts
  • Short white College socks
  • Lace-up joggers
  • College sports cap

College Backpack

  • Required and available from Uniform Solutions


  • Necklaces, except for a small cross on a chain, should not be worn
  • One small set of plain silver or gold studs (no more than .3cm in diameter); or plain silver or gold sleeper earrings allowed in each ear lobe
  • Nose rings and non-ear piercings that can be seen are not permitted, including plastic or clear studs
  • Rings, bracelets and anklets are not to be worn

Make-up, Nails/Eyes

  • Make-up is not permitted
  • Nail polish is not permitted. No false nails, including acrylic, shellac or gel finishes
  • No eyelash extensions/false eyelashes permitted
  • Eyebrows left natural


Girl’s hair is to be:

  • Neat and tidy, of natural colour and all extremes of style avoided
  • If the hair is touching the collar it must be tied back with a band or ribbon in blue, green or white

Boy’s hair is to be:

  • Clean and neatly cut, of natural colour and all extremes of style avoided. Examples of unacceptable styles include what are commonly known as “undercuts”, “layers”, “tracks”, “lines”, “No 1 blades”, long fringes, rats tails, or excessive gel
  • Long hair must be tied back and pulled back from the face

Non-Uniform Days

On free or themed dress days, it is a requirement to be dressed modestly and safely for school.
The dress guidelines for students:

  • Neat and tidy
  • T-shirts with inappropriate slogans are not permitted
  • Plunging necklines, bare shoulders or midriffs are not permitted
  • Closed in shoes must be worn at all times
  • Short cut off shorts or skirts are deemed inappropriate

Sun safety must be taken into consideration-shirts should have collars as well as sleeves.