How will students with special needs be catered for?

The College will have a teaching staff member to lead the special needs department. There will be two teacher assistants for in-class support.

When will we know the finalisation of the elective subjects?

(Term 4 2021). Staffing will be in place and curriculum offerings defined. The College can then agree on the elective offerings to Year 7 2022.

Will there be more than one language taught?

Spanish is the language offered at this stage, starting in Year 7.

Will there be any agricultural subjects offered?

There will be an extensive range of Science related subjects in both the Junior and Senior schools. It is unlikely we will run Agriculture. Students interested in tertiary Agriculture should study Biology and Chemistry.

Will there be a full Arts program?

The College is intending to offer a full Arts program including Visual Art, Music, Drama and Dance. The program will start in Year 7 2022 and go right through to Year 12. We also intend to establish Instrumental Music and Choir in our first year.

Will CMC students be bused to Mercy / other schools or locations for learning activities such as sporting team events?

Yes – CMC will start with a medium capacity mini-bus to transport students to external venues for events such as swimming, band, and sporting competitions.

Will there be a school choir?

Yes – a choir is a co-curricular offering of definite priority for both boys and girls.

Will you be offering instrumental music lessons?

Yes – Instrumental Music is an important program for every school.

Is there a cap for the number of students CMC is accepting?

Yes – We will start with four classes of Year 7’s with 25 – 28 students per class.

Can the school please consider an option for the girls to wear long formal pants?

Yes – we will have long charcoal formal pants as an option for the girls to be worn with the formal girl’s blouse.

How will students on an IEP be catered for?

Students with Individual Education Plans will be overseen by the Inclusive Curriculum Head of Department with in-class assistance as required by Teacher Assistants.

Can you please give us a list of all the staff and their positions?

We are planning on 12 teaching staff including leadership team members. In addition, the College will employ teacher assistants in the Library, Learning Support, Technology and the Arts. A laboratory technician and a grounds maintenance staff member will start in Term 4 this year.
In 2022 we will have 3 senior leadership members, 5 heads of department, 4 full-time teachers, 5 assistants, 2 grounds maintenance staff and 1 tuckshop staff.

The school is multi-level – will there be a lift for students with mobility considerations?

Yes – there will be two lifts-one in the main building and one in the triple storey block.

Please advise what the fees will be for a year.

Approximately $1000 per term. Computer, calculator, ID card fees, levies, students diary and camp are among additional expenses.

Does the school expect to have the buildings ready to teach technology subjects in 2022?

Yes – temporary facilities for Arts, Hospitality and Manual Arts will be well equipped. Specialist facilities are planned for construction.

Please describe what the manual arts rooms will look like i.e. will they have work benches, tools and will they be set-up to meet the Australian Curriculum and involve mainly the design aspect?

Manual Arts will be part of Technology Design and will incorporate the design process while being mindful of the need for practical skills. A temporary facility will be established prior to the building of a design precinct. This facility will have tools for ‘hands on’ experience and tables for group design processes.

Do boys have to wear the tie as a compulsory part of the uniform?

Yes – formal uniform is to be worn to school every day except Wednesday. Sports uniform is to be worn on Wednesdays.

Is there a bucket hat option or cap for students?

A sports cap which can be worn at lunchtime or active play will be part of the uniform.

Why the white sports shirt?

White for coolness. The material is low maintenance. No need for the expense of a separate House shirt.

Is there a netball uniform?

There will be.

Will the college have feeder schools?

Yes – logically southside Catholic and State schools including Sarina and the Valley.

What are the computing device requirements for students?

Students will be issued with a new Chromebook computer and a Scientific calculator which parents pay off in the first year (at a reduced amount due to bulk purchase by our head office).

What are the House Names?

The house names have been finalised. They are Yuwi names for a variety of Australian wildlife: Wura (kangaroo), Buyu (curlew), Imbuna (sandcrab), Bugu Bugu (butterfly), Bauru (turtle) and Berkum (bush turkey).

Will there be bus services to the College?

Mackay Transit Coaches (MTC) is factoring in transport to and from the College. The College bus stop is on Thorning Street.

Will there be a Tuckshop operating from 2022? How many days? And are you able to offer decent gluten free options?

Yes – a tuckshop will operate every day for lunch but not recess. The menu is being developed.

Can my child wear a 'Smart Watch' to school?

Fitness trackers and smart watches are not to be worn to school. While obviously very appealing, and at times useful, they are usually paired to an internet-enabled device and not subject to school filters. This presents real issues. A smart watch is a minicomputer on your wrist. Such devices cannot be reasonably supervised by College staff during the school day

(Medical exemptions apply)