Service Learning

Service Learning forms an integral part of the curriculum at Catherine McAuley College. It is designed to enable students to grow from a Christian faith perspective.

Enthused by the teaching of Jesus Christ and inspired by the vision and courage of Catherine McAuley, giving service empowers students to shape and enrich their changing world.


Service Learning:

  • supports the poor and vulnerable
  • forms positive and socially aware thinking-empathy, compassion and a sense of justice through
    meaningful and active citizenship
  • can be a means of faith formation in the life of the one who serves
  • puts into practice the theology studied in Religion classes
  • exposes students to possible career opportunities and establishes a basis for lifelong service
  • is developed, supported and shared by all subjects across the curriculum
  • promotes learning through active participation
  • provides opportunities to use skills and knowledge in real-life situations
  • extends learning beyond the classroom

The Service Learning program takes place in both the formal and informal curriculum
and consists of:

All students will undertake a minimum of one service initiative per semester. The register below is located in their diary. Each service initiative is to be registered and initialled by the supervising staff. Students must also register the service with Student Reception.

Service Register

Date Nature of Service/Duties performed Number of hours Supervising Staff initials
24/05/2022 Visited Age Care 2 hours Mrs Refalo