College Houses

College Houses

Most Reverend Michael McCarthy, Bishop of Rockhampton, recommended the College strongly consider pastoral House names derived from the local Indigenous heritage.

Catherine McAuley College acknowledges the Yuwi Nation, Traditional Custodians of the Mackay region. We acknowledge their Elders, past, present and emerging and acknowledge their ongoing connection to the land, sea and waterways that flow throughout Yuwi Country.

A priority for Catherine McAuley College in our early stages has been to develop a positive and ongoing connection with the Traditional Custodians of our region and to ensure that all within the CMC community, develop a strong understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and spiritualities, with a particular focus on our local region.

Bishop Michael McCarthy’s approved six pastoral house names to link with the traditional names of six animals significant to our local area. Initial talks were held by CMC staff and Catholic Education Office staff, with two Yuwi Custodians. Consultation will continue and we look forward to an ongoing relationship with the Yuwi Nation and the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

House Name Pronunciation Animal/Symbol
Wura House woo-ru Kangaroo
Berkum House ber-koom Bush Turkey
Buyu House boo-yoo Curlew
Imbuna House im-boonu Sandcrab
Bugu Bugu House boogu boogu Butterfly
Bauru House bu-ooroo Turtle
Wura House Imbuna House Buyu House Bugu Bugu House Berkum House Bauru House